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How to Update Your Huawei Honor U8860 with Android 4.0 Demo Version

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 13, 2011

A few days ago, Huawei shocked everyone when it officially released the Honor (U8860) running on what appeared to be the demo version of the Android 4.0, or better known as the Ice Cream Sandwich. At the moment, details about it are very few considering the report only translated Chinese to English.

Based on reports, the update is just a demo and should not be confused with the final version. Along with the update, there is a PDF containing instructions on how to install ICS update. It also contains information on how to switch back to Gingerbread. This truly marks the Chinese phone as the second device to contain the Google OS. One reason [...]

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Preview of Tegra 3 Tablets: Asus Transformer Prime vs HTC Quattro vs Lenovo LePad K2 vs Acer Iconia A700

by: LucianDecember 12, 2011

Even though Tegra 3 tablets are arriving much later than when Nvidia promised us at MWC this year (for late August), they should still be able to hold the ground as the most powerful tablets for at least a few months. Plus, I believe the only quad core tablets in the first half of 2012 will be the ones with Tegra 3, and maybe a few of them will have quad core S4 chips by the end of 2012. It won’t be until 2013 that we’ll see quad core Cortex A15 tablets.

Asus Transformer Prime

I really believe Asus is onto something big here with their hybrid tablet/netbook device with the integrated keyboard dock, and the slim ultrabook-like build. I hope Samsung [...]

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Android 4.0 ICS on the Motorola Xoom [Video]

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 11, 2011

Ever since Motorola confirmed its Xoom to operate on the anticipated Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, many have been waiting for more information about it. Despite the lack of confirmation for the final date, a video has been released displaying an actual unit operating on the ICS OS. On the video, there was no direct verification that the device was a Xoom. However, the Xoom isn’t really hard to recognize. This is why we have reason to believe it was the actual unit.

You may consider the Xoom as Motorola’s unofficial candidate against the Nexus One and Nexus S. This is based on the fact that the Xoom offers a pure Android experience without the custom UI and skins. [...]

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How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich Using MIUI ROM

by: Ken EastDecember 9, 2011

Android’s latest version, Ice Cream Sandwich, is the hottest and most-craved-for version of Android these days.  Even owners of earlier Android devices such as the Galaxy S crave for it. Unfortunately, it seems that Samsung Galaxy S owners still have to stick to what they have because reports are saying that the official ICS upgrade will not reach the Samsung Galaxy S until 2012.  With this disappointing news, all who want to get some taste of ICS on their Samsung Galaxy S turn their attention to developers.

You don’t have to wait until 2012 to get some Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy S because the guys at GalnetMIUI have just released a MIUI version [...]

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How To Update LG Optimus 3D P920 to an ICS-themed ROM

by: Carl ParkerDecember 9, 2011

For LG Optimus 3D P920 users who want Ice Cream Sandwich on their phone, you’re going to have to wait a few more months for the official firmware from LG. Unfortunately, LG has yet to release a timeframe for the official release. However, through enthusiasts, it’s now possible to easily make your LG Optimus 3D look like it has Ice Cream Sandwich.

Through the King 3D ROM, your LG Optimus 3D can enjoy the look and feel of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.  The custom ROM includes the following functions, capabilities, and enhancements:

New framework Optimized ram Increased speed of microSD Increased speed of system Added ringtones ICS Added bootanimation [...]
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ICS Previewed on Archos G9 Tablet

by: Carl ParkerDecember 9, 2011

Just because Archos’ tablets are budget-friendly doesn’t mean they won’t be getting some Ice Cream Sandwich. Archos G9 tablets are set for an update to Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).  According to sources, Archos will finalize the update and start rolling it out to users of the G9 tablets starting in Q1 2012.

The ICS update on the Archos G9 boasts hardware acceleration that is even faster than Honeycomb and GPU utitilization of up to 100%. New UIs and new features are also part of the package. Multitasking is also better than ever.  The tablet can even have a thousand apps running at the same time, according to the demo [...]

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CES 2012: Something Big from Samsung, Sprint and Intel?

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 8, 2011

For those who are anticipating the upcoming CES 2012 in January, there are some new information you can look forward to. We have enough reason to believe that on this particular event, Samsung Mobile will be launching their first Android that’s powered by Intel. To add to this bit of information, the new phone will be a property of Sprint.

Recently, we’ve heard rumors that Samsung has plans to step out from the PC business; considering its immense success in Android devices. In an effort to stop this from happening, their partnership with Intel has been renewed. As you might have guessed, this renewal will only produce more smartphones in the upcoming [...]

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Kindle Fire Gets Hacked; Now Equipped with ICS

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 7, 2011

And just like that, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is now equipped with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Just recently, a hacker (under the name of Steven) uploaded a video of how he successfully ported the ICS into the Kindle Fire. Apart from this, he has also given some information on the forums of XDA Developers. Considering that it was an unofficial hack, there are some incomplete additions such as a lacking audio support, accelerometer, light sensor, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Even though its transitions look almost uneven, it can be easily fixed considering it’s just a start.

Reports say that the hacker’s plan is to initiate an ICS open source project for users of the Kindle [...]

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Sub-$100 Android 4.0 Tablet Comes Alive

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 6, 2011


It’s official, Ice Cream Sandwich for all!

In Sunnyvale, California yesterday, Ingenic Semiconductor and MIPS Technology made one the the best announcements that an Android fan, or anyone, could ever ask for. The newest version of NOVO7 will be packing Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for just $99 plus shipping and handling.

The device has been for sale for a while now with Honeycomb and is now shipping with ICS pre-loaded. It’s carrying an Ingenic JZ4770 mobile applications processor, 1GHz MIPS-based XBurst CPU, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a Vivante GC860 GPU clocked at 444MHz, 1080p video decoding, rear 2MP camera with VGA front-facing [...]

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How to Update the Samsung Nexus S to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Paul NuñalDecember 1, 2011

Google’s iconic smartphone, the Samsung Nexus S, is now finally getting the royal treatment as Samsung will soon be rolling out the official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) upgrade for the device. As we wait for the official update to be released, we’ve managed to stumble upon a leaked version of Android’s latest offering for the Nexus S.

As a precaution, this is not the official ICS update but a leaked version circulating around the Net. Luckily for Nexus S owners, you can easily apply this update on your device.

Considering this is still the beta version, you may face certain issues in running applications and functionalities like the Face Unlock [...]

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