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How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich to Your HTC Desire S

by: Paul NuñalDecember 26, 2011

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the official Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Desire S, then we’ve got good news for you. Third-party developers have whipped out an interesting beta version of the much-anticipated Android update for HTC Desire S users. Though, this is not the official ICS update but a vanilla brew of the firmware. As of now, HTC hasn’t mentioned any release date for the official update, but we will let you know once it arrives.

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with the current beta version to get a feel on how the ICS update will look on your device. Be forewarned that this update is strictly for unlocked HTC Desire S handsets [...]

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Samsung Explains Why the Galaxy S Lineup and Galaxy Tab Did Not Make the ICS Cut

by: AlexanderDecember 23, 2011

Yes it is said that the entire Galaxy S lineup did not make the ICS cut along with the early Galaxy Tab models. But we all knew that not every Android phone would be able to get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. After all, hardware limitation is the number one reason, and this is no exception.

Samsung explained today exactly why these models will not get ICS support, which you can read below. I cleaned it up a bit because it was absolutely brutal to read before.

We used the Ice Cream Sandwich platform in order to give our device users the latest. Unfortunately, the hardware specifications must be met, and in particular, the available memory (RAM, ROM, [...]

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Putting the Search Button Back on the Galaxy Nexus

by: Carl ParkerDecember 21, 2011

The Galaxy Nexus did away with those physical buttons running along the bottom of the screen, a characteristic of Android devices, and gave the user a completely touch-based experience. The buttons have now been conveniently built into Ice Cream Sandwich, located at the bottom of your display. While this is indeed handy, it sacrifices one thing many users are sure to miss: the Search button.

No need to despair, however, as XDA-Developers forum member paulobrien was quick to create a solution. He released a patch that allowed the Search button to become a permanent part of the screen on the Galaxy Nexus.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Paulobrien has also [...]

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First Beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Sensation – Quick Review

by: AlexanderDecember 21, 2011

That’s right folks, those of us with the HTC Sensation/XE/4G can now load ICS onto our precious HTC Android phones. This is a Sense 3.5 and Android 4.0.1 ROM, So by looking at the lock screen it still looks like Gingerbread, but you can see all the new features once your phone is set up after installing the ROM. Special thanks to Robocik and Capy at XDA Forums for developing the RCMix Ice v1.0 ROM for all of the HTC Sensation users out there.

First Impressions:

At first I thought it was a bit slow, but as you allow the ROM to settle into your phone it starts to get faster. Also once you enable Hardware Acceleration in the settings, it gets even faster. This ROM [...]

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How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Incredible S

by: Paul NuñalDecember 21, 2011

HTC Incredible S users are in for a treat as their phones can now enjoy some Ice Cream Sandwich. Android developer nikhil007mmus at XDA Developers has taken the lead in porting the much-anticipated Android update to the HTC Incredible S.

The ICS ROM is still in its early stages right now, with several bugs, although it is pretty much stable for daily use with all the basic phone functionalities intact. This is not the official ICS ROM for the HTC Incredible S but rather a port made by the developer community.

Before you head out installing the ICS ROM to your device, be forewarned that several features are still non-functional, considering that the ROM is still [...]

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Galaxy Nexus Finally Lands at Verizon [Only $149.99!]

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 17, 2011

It has been a long time since the Galaxy Nexus was announced. And frankly, most of us have gotten tired of waiting. Therefore, Verizon, Google, and Samsung finally decided to put out the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon LTE) up for sale.

One reason why you should believe that the smartphone is finally out is because I wrote this review on my new Galaxy Nexus. I can assure you that the wait was totally worth it and the Galaxy Nexus is everything that you could want in a smart phone. The screen is incredible! Face Unlock is slowly learning more about me everyday, as much as I am with it. And Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is unlike any other version of Android. More specifically, [...]

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Were You Waiting for the ICS UI On Galaxy S2? Sorry to Disappoint

by: LucianDecember 15, 2011

Well here’s some bad news for some (most?) of you. It looks like even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Android 4.0, it will look nothing like ICS at all. In fact you’ll barely notice any difference in the UI compared to what you have now. It will mostly be the same old TouchWiz 4.0. So most of the changes will be under the hood.

Personally, I find this very disappointing. I was hoping manufacturers would finally start to allow lighter skins on top of Android 4.0, so the user can choose whether he wants to use the stock UI or the UI made by the manufacturer. I understand that the manufacturer feels compelled to make modifications [...]

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Asus Transformer Prime: 5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Bulky Laptop

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 14, 2011


With the upcoming release of the Asus Transformer Prime, it is no longer a surprise why many are considering getting rid of their old laptops. Even though it is still considered as a tablet, you may want to consider using it instead of a bulky laptop. Here are 5 reasons why this could be your next big investment!


One thing you’ll really enjoy about the Transformer Prime is that it is portable, weighing only 1.29 pounds and measuring 10.35 x 7.12 x 0.33. Even though it is smaller than the smallest laptop (not netbook), it has a 10-inch, 1280×800 display that can help you get ‘real’ work done.


When being close to a power [...]

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Android 4.0 Starts to Get Optimized for Qualcomm S4 Chips

by: LucianDecember 14, 2011

Last year Qualcomm got behind everyone else in dual core chips and not only in time to market, but also in performance. The dual core 1.2 Ghz S3 chip could easily be surpassed by a Cortex A9 based Exynos at the same frequency of 1.2 Ghz/core. That’s because the custom Scorpion architecture was more of a competitor to Cortex A8, and when the more powerful and more efficient Cortex A9 arrived, Qualcomm kept the same architecture and only increased the clock frequency. This is why even dual core 1.5 Ghz S3 processors can barely match up to the dual core 1.2 Ghz Exynos or OMAP 4430/4460.

The good news is that I’m expecting the chips based on the Krait [...]

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Sony Ericsson Arc HD (Nozomi) Shows Up Again

by: LucianDecember 14, 2011

The Arc has been one of  Sony Ericsson’s best smartphones this year. It was slim, as it was supposed to be, since most of their competition had phones like that already, and it was stylish. Design is still one of Sony’s strong suit, but it doesn’t go well with thick phones, which is how most of their phones still are. But I imagine they will be pushing other slim phones in 2012.

The Arc HD is not only proof of that, but it’s also a bit of proof that Sony Ericsson is finally understanding that they need to be on the edge with hardware specs, too. Here are the rumored specs for it:

Android 2.3 Gingerbread 4.3 inch 720p HD display 1.5 GHz [...]
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