Google released Android 2.3 Gingerbread on December 6, 2010. Put another way, it’s a version of Android that’s going to turn two years in two days. According to the latest figures in the Android Developer Dashboard, 50.8% of Android devices that have accessed the Google Play Store in the last two weeks are running this now ancient version of Google’s mobile operating system. wifi bug

Do you remember 2010? Android 2.1 was all the rage and the HTC Desire was the phone to own. Joonas Lehtolahti remembers it too. He had a problem with the Wi-Fi network at his university. Because it was an open, un-encrypted network students could connect without needing a password, but to get out onto the Internet you needed to login via a special server. Without getting technical the redirect to this login server used just the hostname “joynet” rather than its full domain name “”. OK, so what? Well the problem is that with Android that meant that the name couldn’t be resolved. The result was that students at the university couldn’t access the Internet from an Android device.


Google Handwrite is one feature that Galaxy Note owners will be happy to get. The newly unveiled function will make the Note’s stylus even more useful – users can now search on Google by handwriting the words. And, while this sounds like the perfect application for the stylus of the Galaxy Note, Handwrite seems to work just as well with fingers. To use the new Handwrite feature, go to your Search Settings at the bottom of the page and enable it.  A small toolbar will then pop up at the bottom of the page on smartphones running Android 2.3+, tablets…

orange santa clara android phone

It is rare that we see an interesting carrier-branded smartphone released to the consumer market. That’s why when Orange UK’s own-brand Android smartphone, codenamed Santa Clara, was announced in February and then shown to the public at the MWC in Barcelona, our curiosities were piqued, especially since the device will be powered by the new Intel Medfield processor. Since then, we’ve seen some benchmarks that showed that Medfield is surprisingly capable and a registration page put up by Orange. Now, more pieces are falling into place for the Santa Clara, as it seems that its UK launch is about to happen soon….


Lately, we’ve been seeing a whole bunch of Android/Linux PCs that cost under $100, down to $25 for the Raspberry Pi, and you can use them for pretty much anything. It goes without saying that you should expect significantly slower performance than from a $1000 PC. But as a way to use more “computers” around your house for different applications, like making a Smart TV or a low-end console, these barebones systems are ideal. Now, a new ARM PC from VIA, based on a Neo-ITX motherboard, we’ll give you a quick way to back-up your old PCs in case they crash…

CyanogenMod-7.2 rc

Just days after detailing the future of CyanogenMod 7 and ensuring us that they will continue work on the Android 2.3 software builds beyond CM 7.3, our favorite independent dev team has already released a number of custom 7.2 RC2 ROMs for several Samsung, LG, and Sony devices. CyanogenMod 7.2, based on Android Gingerbread, is not yet final and needs additional work, but if you’re eager to get a taste of the software package and you have one of the supported devices, you can go ahead and download the builds from this link. The LG Optimus Black P970 is one…


Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is all that everybody talks about right now and each and every one of you who owns a device running an older version of the OS is craving a scoop of tasty ICS and its butter smooth action. CM9 is the alternate software to go for in case your phone is not on an official Android 4.0 update list, but even that’s not enough to satisfy the needs of every mobile user out there. Fear not, though, because CyanogenMod 7, based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, is a project that will be taken to new heights, according…


With the ever increasing popularity of 3D movies and the ability to view entire movies on your smartphone, have you ever thought about combining the two? Well, you aren’t the first – LG brought the Optimus 3D, the first 3D phone, to market in April, last year. We now have an heir-apparent to the Optimus 3D, LG announcing the arrival of the Optimus 3D Max (with naming variations of Optimus 3D 2 and Optimus 3D Cube, for different markets). Does it deserve to be called “Max”, you ask? Let’s see. It features a larger 4.3-inch screen and the 3D video shooting…


Each day, hundreds of thousands of people buy an Android device. Though a lot of these people are familiar with Android, there are also those who are new to it, or perhaps unfamiliar with modern mobile devices altogether. In this article I am going to cover some points to get you started in the Android world, and help you feel more comfortable with your new best friend.