26 of the best free Android apps

best free android apps
by 6 months ago

Even though there are many great paid apps, you can still fill your device with amazing free Android apps. In this list, we’ll look at 25 of the best free Android apps.

New Kindle tablets shown in leaked pics

Kindle Fire
by 10 months ago

The design appears a bit more subtle than the previous model, with the smooth backing broken up only by the Amazon logo. The speakers also move toward the top, but not forward facing.

Is Amazon developing a phone with 3D display technology?

amazon logo 4 [aa]
by 1 year ago

This falls into a larger hardware push by Amazon, who is also reportedly working on a set-top box for streaming content. We’ve also heard of a smartphone that had no 3D capability, so we could see multiple offerings on top of their Kindle line of tablets. Does a 3D phone interest you?

Amazon updates Kindle app in a big way

Kindle Redesign
by 1 year ago

The most startling difference is the UI. It has become more gesture based, with the double-carousel on the home screen. The top is your content, both in the cloud and device, and the bottom is recommendations. A pretty brilliant scheme, really.