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NYT: iPad Mini, 10-inch Kindle Fire 2 on track to debut this year

by: Chris SmithJuly 16, 2012

Image Credit: NYT

The Google Nexus 7 tablet has been just launched, and it’s selling like hot cakes, at least according to various third-party retailers that have sold out their initial Nexus 7 allotments. But the 7-inch Jelly Bean device will have some fierce competition in the near future, both from Apple and Amazon.

A fresh New York Times report mentions that both companies are readying new tablets to be released in then near future, the iPad Mini and the new Kindle Fire, respectively.

Apple iPad Mini

We have recently compared the Nexus 7 with various 7-inch rivals, including the iPad Mini – we have used available rumors for this [...]

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Amazon wants to sell the Nexus 7 in its online store

by: LucianJuly 12, 2012

Well, this is a strange twist of events! The Nexus 7 has been called by many reviewers already the “Kindle Fire killer”, because there’s no reason why anyone would want the Kindle Fire over a much higher quality and much higher performance Nexus 7. That’s even more true if you’re an Android user, who is best served by having the latest software straight from Google, instead of a heavily customized older version of Android. And yet, an Amazon spokesperson told TechRadar: “People higher up in Amazon are talking to Google regarding the Nexus 7.”

This move may seem even stranger considering that Amazon is about to launch the [...]

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New Amazon Kindle already delayed, report says

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2012

A new report coming from Asia reveals the fact that Amazon may have problems with the next-gen Kindle reader devices, which prevent the company from launching them according to the initial internal schedule.

The unreliable Digitimes reports that the electronics retailer is “facing problems with mass production due to problems with the device’s front light design” and that’s why the device will only ship only later in the third quarter. A release date for the new Kindles – or for the new Kindle Fires, for that matter – is not given yet.

Why is this important for the Android ecosystem you ask? In late September 2011, when Amazon’s [...]

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IHS iSuppli says Nexus 7 costs $152 to build

by: LucianJuly 12, 2012

A few days ago we had an initial prediction of how much it costs to build the Nexus 7 from iFixit, which said that the components alone should cost around $184. IHS iSuppli did an actual Nexus 7 teardown and evaluated the cost of the components to be around $152, for the 8 GB Nexus 7, and only $7.5 more for the 16 GB version.

Andrew Rassweiler, who leads the teardown team at IHS iSuppli thinks Google will indeed break even on the 8 GB $199 version, just like Google said they would, but they will get a nice profit on the 16 GB $249 version. This was pretty obvious from day one, because 8GB of storage doesn’t cost [...]

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Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini vs Amazon Kindle Fire 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

by: Mike AndriciJuly 10, 2012

Although budget tablets have been the object of numerous discussions over the past six months or so, when Google announced the Asus-built Nexus 7 tablet in late June at the Google I/O conference, the speculation dam just imploded as most of the online tech media has begun publishing stories on how other tablet manufacturers will respond to this move.

As it turns out, all of the major tablet manufacturers are believed to make their presence felt in the 7-inch tablet market by the end of September: Apple is rumored to be working on an iPad Mini, Amazon is bound to release a successor to the original 7-inch budget tablet, the Kindle Fire, while [...]

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Kindle Fire 2 rumor roundup: at least three versions, one with 4G LTE support

by: Chris SmithJuly 9, 2012

Now that Google has made its Kindle Fire killer official, the pressure is back on Amazon, as we expect the giant retailer to counterattack with its own next-gen Kindle Fire tablets. In fact, the web is filled with various Kindle Fire 2 rumors, and not all of them are on the same page.

A few days ago we heard that two Kindle Fire 2 models will be available in stores this summer, sporting metal casings and “sophisticated looks.” That particular report suggested that Amazon will unveil a 7- and a 10-inch tablet at some point in the near future, with sleek iPad-like looks, and contradicted previous rumors that claimed Amazon will also have an [...]

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Amazon stockpiling 2 million Kindle Fire 2 ready for August 7 launch

by: Gary SimsJuly 4, 2012

Google’s Nexus 7 is the tablet to beat at the moment and Amazon knows it. There have been long running rumors that Amazon is preparing to release a refresh of its Kindle Fire line and Amazon has an uphill battle if it wants to beat Google. With the launch of the Nexus 7, Google is using its brand name, technology, and its content (apps, games, music, movies) to woo users to its device.

According to the China Times, production of the Kindle Fire 2 has been ramped up and it is set to have 2 million units ready by August 7. Amazon is using an OEM manufacturer, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Quanta Computer, also used by the likes of Sony and RIM. Other details [...]

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Tablet bonanza from Amazon in 2012: two (or four?) new models rumored

by: AdrianMarch 29, 2012

While, about a year ago, it was hard to conceive that anyone could threaten iPad’s dominance over the tablet market anytime soon, we are now faced with what could be called the “Amazon offensive”.

The Kindle Fire has been by far the most surprising gadget of 2011, and is currently the second most popular tablet in the world, closing in on iPad’s leading spot as we speak. However, if you thought that Amazon would rest on their laurels and live off the Kindle Fire’s success for as long as possible, you thought wrong. Jeff Bezos’ company is looking set to build upon its hit and come up with not one, but several cool tablets in 2012.

More [...]

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Strong Competition Pushes Amazon to Launch Two Tablets in 2012

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 8, 2012

Another week, another round of rumors from Digitimes’ well-connected sources in Taiwan. According to the usual manufacturing chain insiders, Amazon is planning to launch not one, but two new tablets in 2012, including a new 10-inch Kindle tablet.

A previous story ran by Digitimes in November suggested that Jeff Bezos set his sights on an 8.9-inch model, spurred by the initial success of the 7-inch Kindle Fire. But things appeared to have changed since last year, and now Amazon hopes that it can deliver a successful 10-inch model, that customers would perceive as a worthy alternative to Apple’s freshly launched “new” iPad. And the situation is even more interesting in the [...]

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Amazon Names Foxconn as 2nd Major ODM for Kindle Fire 2, Shipments to Commence in May

by: GeneFebruary 19, 2012

Following the huge success of the Kindle Fire tablet/E-reader is the Kindle 2, the next-generation tab that’s been rumored to sport a larger 10-inch display. We’ve been waiting all this time for Amazon to announce a follow-up to the fiery Kindle Fire. Thankfully, the well-established Taiwanese China Times has recently released a publication citing Foxconn as Amazon’s newly nominated ODM to manufacture the Kindle 2.

This makes Foxconn the second major ODM next to Quanta – the sole developer of the original Kindle Fire. It’s also important to note that [...]

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