When you think of Crytek, what comes to mind? For most of us it is games like Far Cry and Crysis. Don’t let these titles fool you into thinking that Crytek can only do hardcore gaming, though. The casual-oriented Fibble – Flick n’ Roll quietly landed on Android back in September, offering a dramatically different kind of gaming experience.

Amazon AppStore

Amazon’s AppStore might not have a massive global presence yet, but they are continuing to expand at a rapid pace. In June, the company opened up their app store to Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Now the are bringing their successful Google Play alternative to Japan as well.

amazon dot com

The Amazon App Store has a long way to go before you can compare it to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. They are making some headway, though, and this time it is with a maintenance update. With device targeting, customers will have an easier time finding the apps they need and developers will have an easier time managing the apps they develop.