Although the 4.3-incher still sells for $199.99 from Verizon with a two-year contract, Amazon Wireless has been kind enough to slash this big guy’s price to a penny. That’s right, folks, you can get the Razr practically for free these days and all you have to do is commit to a new Big Red agreement.


A refresh of the Kindle line-up is nearly upon us, and it’s about time. Amazon seems to be working to clear out its inventory. Whenever a company does this, it’s only a matter of time before a new product launch. If rumors are to be believed, we could be seeing new Kindle devices announced as early as next week.

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These days, success in the mobile industry can be a mix of innovation and litigation.

We have seen how Microsoft is earning almost a billion per quarter in Android licenses... alone. The ongoing Apple vs. Samsung patent litigation also stems from Android, with Sammy being seen as a proxy for Apple in its “thermonuclear war” against Android.

Given these trends...

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It’s not everyday that a technology journalist’s email and social networking accounts are hacked. After all, we would expect these folks to be more technologically savvy than the... rest of us mortals. But even with secure passwords, hackers can still find ingenious ways of running social engineering attacks. And it can sometimes involve your favorite service provider’s cus...


Those of you that haven’t purchased yet the Galaxy S3 from any of the seven U.S. carriers that have either launched or are getting ready to release it, should check... out Amazon Wireless first, as the retailer has a great Galaxy S3 offer for you.

Amazon currently offers the best price on the Galaxy S3, but we’re still talking about subsidized devices, which re...

Mixers, anyone?

Let’s forget about whispers of the next generation Kindle Fire for a while and the possible epic clash between the rumored tablet with the Nexus 7 or even the iPad mini in the not so distant future.... Amazon is – first and foremost – one of the best places to spend your money on things you didn’t even know you needed – until you make the grave mistake (oh, your poor credit card) of checkin...

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It’s no news that Amazon, Google, and Apple are all making huge efforts to keep up with each other in the various convergent markets that they are targeting as major players. But it sure is interesting... to observe how each one of these tech giants is taking the necessary steps to catch up or get ahead. Today, I’m here to report on Amazon’s recently announced updates to their Cloud Player music streamin...



If you thought Verizon’s deal from last week, dropping the on-contract price of the Galaxy Nexus to $99, was great, wait till you hear about the new special offer for the “pure... Google” device. Not only are Amazon and Big Red now offering the GNex for free with a two-year contract, but they are also throwing in a free $40 credit to sweeten the deal even more.

And sweet i...


All the main companies in the tech business are posting their financial details for the second quarter of the year, ending on June 30, and after we looked at various... players in the mobile business – including Google, Apple, AT&T or Samsung – we now have Amazon’s financial report for Q2 2012 to inspect.

As expected, the most important product for the...