Yesterday at their event, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, made what seemed like a surprising comment about the OMAP 4470 chip, which is powering the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9″. Amazon said that OMAP 4470 can do 50% more floating-point operations per second than the Tegra 3, while the dual-channel LPDDR2-466 RAM on the Fire HD has 40% more bandwidth than what Tegra 3 comes paired with. So is it true?


Amazon’s press conference was surely a demonstration of how you should handle such a public event. Of course, we did see a lot of bragging from the Kindle makers, but, unlike other similar events, this one seemed more organized and focused, lacking any attacks towards the competition and only concentrating on what was on show.

What happened to the Amazon smartphone?

by on September 7, 2012 4:58 am

Contrary to our report-slash-expectation yesterday that Amazon would have an Android-powered phone to show off on its Santa Monica event, insiders quoted by The Verge indicated it was a sure thing. But we found out that the Kindle phone wasn’t on the menu for the day. .

Amazon 2012 Kindle Event

Today’s Amazon Kindle event is over, and man what a ride it was. In the tablet world, Amazon’s aging Kindle Fire was threatened by Nexus 7 and the upcoming iPad Mini. In the e-reader universe, the Kindle was falling behind the competition without its own fronlit model.

kindle fire hd

So we’ve seen the new, improved Kindle Fire that’s selling for $159, and we’ve seen the 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets that will be shipping in mid-September and November, respectively. What else did Amazon announced during its recently ended California-based event? A 4G LTE Kindle HD model that’s certainly going to be very interesting to tablet buyers that don’t want to get stuck with Wi-Fi-only versions.