Acer Chromebook-w630

Acer had been one of the companies to be the most vocal about their critique of the Surface, blasting Microsoft over its decision to suddenly become a tablet-maker. Now they want to show Microsoft that they’ve got an alternative in ChromeOS, so they’re going to heavily promote their next-gen Chromebooks supposed to come out this October.


Ladies and gentlemen, the mobile OS war is getting into high gear, and apart from iOS, Android and Windows Phone, we have yet another contender intent to take the smartphone world by storm. This time, it’s Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. And with the Chinese smartphone market set to become the biggest in the world, it’s no wonder platform-makers and manufacturers want a big slice of this pie.

Google speaks up on the Acer/Alibaba affair

by on September 15, 2012 9:21 am
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This week, a report hit the web claiming that Google has strong-armed Acer into cancelling the launch of the CloudMobile A800, a smartphone running Aliyun, the Android-based operating system developed by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. Google has now clarified the problem.


Google’s “Don’t be evil” is weaker and weaker every time the search giant does something against its own motto. How many times did we see Google somehow managing to infringe on the customer’s privacy? How many times did we see Google investigated in various regions of the world including the U.S. and Europe for alleged actions that deserve being looked into? How many times did we see the company forced to pay a fine or settle a legal matter?

Acer smartphones

What do you think of when you hear the brand name Acer? Odds are that laptops and tablets are the first products that come to mind. They have a small presence in the smartphone world, but they certainly have room to grow. Acer hopes to change all of that. The company plans to strengthen its place in the phone market with six new devices. These new phones will launch in 2013, targeting Europe, China and Southeast Asia.


IFA is just around the corner, and many of us are anticipating the new releases and announcements that follow. It seems it’s not just consumers that are anxious though, as Acer has now just announced two new phones ahead of the show- although it’s really no surprise to Android Authority. The two new Android devices are both aimed at the entry-level, budget market, although they are still far from ‘basic’ phones. The Liquid Gallant and Liquid Gallant Duo are essentially the same device, although the later of these has dual-SIM capability.


Believe it or not, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Acer Iconia Tab 500/501 was hinted back in November of last year, with January being set as the possible date. It wasn’t until May that a variant of the tab got the promised scoop of ice cream, but ICS on the A501 was still nowhere to be found. Fast forward to today, it appears the Android 4.0.3 OTA update is finally being rolled out by Acer.

IFA 2012

Although very little has been officially announced, with less than two weeks to go until the official IFA kick-off we have a good idea of what to expect from pretty much all of today’s Android “stars”. Here’s a quick rundown of what we suspect to see on show over in Berlin, Germany.