The Datawind Ubislate 7Ci tablet sells for $40 but can it compete?

by 1 year ago

The India-bound Aakash tablet made waves in the technology media for its dream of providing cheap tablets to the educational sector (among others) in this developing market. The tablet also drew flak for its creator’s inability to adequately meet demand. But will the cheap tablet trend catch on with the rest of the world?

Aakash 2 tablet still coming, to cost only $21 for Indian students and $65 for other users

by 1 year ago

After what was not exactly a big hit, many wondered if one of the world’s cheapest tablets will ever get a sequel. Made available to Indian students for the equivalent of $23, the Aakash slate was heavily criticized for its poor hardware by some, while being praised by many for giving access to technology at such a low price. The general opinion of tech lovers was that the technology world would benefit from the launch of an Aakash 2 tablet, provided that the manufacturer was able to up the ante in terms of specs, without bumping up the price. And…

India’s Aakash 2 tablet now costs $40, receives hardware upgrade in version 2.0

by 2 years ago

The world’s cheapest tablet computer, as the Indian Government likes to call their Aakash tablet, is about to be upgraded to version 2.0, and will receive a significantly faster processor, clocked at 800 Mhz (up from 366 Mhz), longer battery life, and better “programming capability”. Hopefully that means it will receive Android 4.0, but I wouldn’t bet on it. At best, it’s probably Gingerbread. The first Aakash tablet wasn’t the success Indian luminaries thought it would be. The UK company making the device, DataWind, was supposed to deliver 100,000 units to the Indian government, but that didn’t happen. A measly…

$35 Aakash 2 coming, with better hardware and Ice Cream Sandwich

Aakash 2
by 2 years ago

The first generation Aakash Android-based tablet made quite a fuss last year, with people equally praising and criticizing the gadget. On one side, there were the technology enthusiasts that welcomed such a dirt-cheap slate (it was made available for Indian students for just 23 US dollars.) On the other, some called the Aakash unusable, due to several software glitches and the unsurprisingly poor hardware. The 7-incher will be getting a second generation very soon, and, at least at a first glance, it might actually satisfy more technology users, with several significant software and hardware improvements. Set to start shipping in India in…

An Android tablet at less than $40? Yes, you read that right

by 2 years ago

Over the years, you’ve probably seen quite a few bargains online or at your local carrier. Remember the great $99 TouchPad firesale? Well, here is an Android tablet that sells for much less than $100, one that is surprisingly good for its declared purpose. The story will take us to India, a country where hi-tech gadgets are becoming ever so popular, even though hundreds of millions of people have little experience (if any) in using them. That is exactly the problem that the Indian Ministry of Education is trying to tackle. The plan is to introduce Android tablets to schools in rural areas that lack…

The $47 Aakash Android Tablet Should Not Be Dismissed So Easily

by 2 years ago

Some people seem to think that because the $47 ($23 for students) Android tablet from the Indian Government is built with the minimum necessary specs for it to function, then it’s just a gimmicky tablet and no one will want it. First of all, a lot of people already want it and over 1.4 million units have been sold. So you can’t say people don’t want it. They clearly do. Now, the argument may be that “ok so they bought it, but now they are going to be very disappointed with it”. I wouldn’t be so sure to decide that….