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Everything new in Android O: features and changes

by Kris Carlon 5 days ago12 comments

The not-so-secret weapon in Samsung flagships

by John Velasco 4 days ago58 comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review

by John Velasco 5 days ago34 comments

Super Mario Run is now live on Google Play

by David Imel 5 days ago37 comments
2 articles

LG G6: Exploring the new camera

What’s different with the new LG G6's camera and what features does the 18:9 screen brings? Let’s take an in-depth look!
by Nirave Gondhia4 weeks ago38

Galaxy S8 or LG G6: which are you most looking forward to?

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 launches on the horizon, we examine what to expect from these handsets and ask which is the most exciting prospect.
by Robert Triggs4 weeks ago144

What would you change about the LG G6? [Poll of the Week]

What would you change about the LG G6? Would you have preferred a removable battery, or are you happy with handset? Cast your vote in our latest Poll of the Week!
by Jimmy Westenberg4 weeks ago151

So what’s up with the LG G6’s 18:9 screen?

You may not notice the LG G6 display's aspect ratio right away, but LG really wants you to believe that the 18:9 screen of its new flagship is game-changing.
by Bogdan Petrovan4 weeks ago16

The LG G6 does not have a curved display for two big reasons

The new LG G6 does not have a fancy curved display, and the company says there are two big reasons why.
by John Callaham4 weeks ago112

The LG G6 uses a four year-old version of Gorilla Glass on its display

The LG G6 uses three different generations of Gorilla Glass, with the oldest version, Gorilla Glass 3 from early 2013, used on the front display. But why?
by Kris Carlon4 weeks ago60

LG G6 vs BlackBerry KEYone quick look

We pit the two big smartphones that have been launched at MWC so far against each other, in this quick look at the LG G6 vs BlackBerry KEYone!
by Lanh Nguyen4 weeks ago18

Download all the LG G6 stock wallpapers here

Want to bring some G6 flair to your smartphone? Download all the LG G6 stock wallpapers here!
by Jimmy Westenberg4 weeks ago3

LG wants to bring the G6’s tiny bezels to mid-range phones

If you think the tiny bezels on the LG G6 are a flagship-only feature, think again. The same aspect ratio and bezels might come to mid-range LG phones soon.
by Kris Carlon4 weeks ago12

The curved corners on the LG G6 are not just cosmetic

The rounded corners of the LG G6 display may seem like a cosmetic design feature, but there's a lot more going on beneath the surface.
by Kris Carlon4 weeks ago8
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