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LG G5 Review!

Does an improved build quality and modular capabilities make the LG G5 the smartphone to get? Find out in this, our full LG G5 review!
by Nirave GondhiaApril 8, 2016135

LG G5 vs iPhone 6S: a risky bet and its polar opposite

The iPhone 6S is a typical “S release” in Apple’s yearly cycle, but does it hold its own against the new G5? Here’s our close look at the LG G5 vs. Apple iPhone 6S.
by Joshua VergaraApril 7, 201655

LG G5 teardown shows it’s an easy fix

The team over at iFixit took it into their hands to give the LG G5 the teardown treatment past the normal module swap-out to understand just how easy or difficult it is to take apart.
by Dan BartramApril 6, 20167

LG’s Home 4.0 Launcher brings the app drawer back to the G5

To the surprise of many, LG released the G5 without the option to use an app drawer. Now a new version of the launcher is available for download that brings the app drawer back.
by Dan BartramApril 4, 201624

Plastic, primer and paint: an in-depth look at the ongoing LG G5 saga

The full story of the LG G5 and it's supposed plastic makeup: where it all started, the assumptions made, LG's response and what we've learned from it all.
by Kris CarlonApril 4, 2016198

No wonder LG’s Jason Statham ad came out on April Fools’ Day

We all know Jason Statham for the muscular, perpetually frowning characters that he plays in action movies. From April 1, no foolin’, we’ll also know him as the star of LG’s promo ...
by Bogdan PetrovanApril 1, 201620

LG G5 launch day sales are three times greater than the LG G4

The LG G5 has sold at three times the rate of its predecessor the LG G4 on its opening day in South Korea. The LG G5 sold 15,000 units in one day and is expected to hit 10 million globally.
by Kris CarlonApril 1, 201635

(Update: LG responds) Turns out the all-metal LG G5 is actually half plastic

A new teardown of the LG G5 has revealed that the all-metal housing is actually plastic over an internal metal chassis.
by Kris CarlonApril 1, 2016287

LG G5 now on sale from AT&T, costs $688

Right on schedule, AT&T has begun selling the new LG G5. It comes with a free spare battery pack and charger, but will cost you $688 up front or $23 per month.
by Robert TriggsApril 1, 20163

LG Innotek’s latest wireless charger is three times faster

LG Innotek has unveiled its new 15 watt wireless charging transmitters, which can take your phone from 0 to 50% battery in just 30 minutes.
by Robert TriggsMarch 31, 20169
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