LG G Pro 2 confirmed for February launch

LG G Pro 2 Feature
by 6 months ago

Late this evening on Sunday night, LG has just officially announced the LG G Pro 2. The successor to the LG (Optimus) G Pro, it’s nearly 100% likely that we will be seeing it at Mobile World Congress, 2014, an amazing event held this year from February 24-27 in Barcelona.

Weekly News Roundup #10 – India

wnri feature
by 1 year ago

This week on the Weekly News Roundup India, we have a few new smartphones, including the LG Optimus G Pro, being released, some app updates, and the introduction of the much-needed national roaming plans.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs LG Optimus G Pro (video)

galaxy s4 vs optimus g pro aa displays
by 1 year ago

The Samsung Galaxy S4 or the LG Optimus G Pro? It’s a hard decision that can’t be made lightly. So we’ve pitted the two devices against each other to help you better decide! Read on to find out more!