HTC gets a new Chief Marketing Officer, but will new ads fix HTC’s problems?

by 1 year ago

HTC has just announced that John Wang (pictured above), their current Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), will be replaced by Benjamin Ho. What sort of credentials does this guy have? According to The Next Web, he used to be the CMO of Motorola, and he was once responsible for the marketing strategy at the Taiwanese operator FarEasTone. What is Benjamin going to do differently than his predecessor? We have no idea.

HTC gives retail a shot, opens first concept store in Germany

HTC concept retail store
by 1 year ago

It appears that HTC is currently chasing down all available avenues for money, as it has decided to finally open up its first concept store inside an existing electronics shop somewhere in Hamburg, Germany. This current strategy is similar to what Microsoft is doing with its own retail stores and is based on work that Apple started when it first began opening up its own retail locations many years ago.

HTC Droid DNA’s bootloader unlocking tutorial is up

by 1 year ago

The fact that the HTC Droid DNA comes with a locked bootloader may have deterred some from going to the stores to pick up the 5-inch super phone, but those who stuck by HTC’s side will be thrilled to hear that a workaround has been found – one that allows them to get on with their Android tinkering lifestyle.

Patent Chief claims US patent system isn’t broken

by 1 year ago

We were all hoping the patent system would see reform sometime in the near future. Patent Chief David J. Kappos recently spoke in Washington about the patent wars and assured the nation that the US patent system wouldn’t be making any significant changes anytime soon.