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HTC One X+ goes for sale in the UK for £474 SIM-free

The seemingly abandoned One X+ doesn’t seem to get much press time these days, most likely because HTC is planning to focus its marketing efforts on an upcoming 5-inch smartphone ...
by Bams SadewoOctober 31, 2012

Smartphone evolution through the eyes of HTC [Infographic]

Are you curious about the long history of mobile phones? Here’s your chance to feed that curiosity it in less than a minute, as HTC takes us on a memory trip down the smartphone lane. ...
by Bams SadewoOctober 29, 2012

Another HTC DLX render leaks, official Verizon unveiling is imminent

HTC’s long rumored 5-inch 1080p phablet has turned from sweet dream to orgasmic reality last week, but we still don’t know when to expect the beast to see the light of day outside Japan.
by AdrianOctober 26, 201210

HTC loses faith in its own lineup, predicts gloomy Q4 ahead

If you think that HTC has hit rock bottom with their disastrous Q3 financial results, the phone maker has more bad news to share. In a recent statement, the company said that its Q4 ...
by Bams SadewoOctober 26, 201212

HTC launch new Best Deals service to bring you bargains

HTC has partnered with a number of deal providers to bring a new Best Deals service to its latest smartphone. This is exclusive content offering personalized bargains.
by Simon HillOctober 26, 20121

Samsung leads comfortably in global smartphone shipments, ZTE jumps to fourth

Samsung’s dominance over the global smartphone market has stopped being a surprise for a while now, but what may shock you is the pace at which the Android king is continuing to grow. ...
by AdrianOctober 26, 20122

Mysterious HTC Operaul unveiled, to come soon with Jelly Bean and 720p display

It’s only a matter of time until HTC will be making the dreamy Droid DNA (aka DLX) reality, but before anything there’s a new kid around the block that you might be interested in.
by AdrianOctober 25, 20122

First promo video for HTC J Butterfly is now out

Fly like a butterfly, sting like an HTC! How about that for a publicity slogan for the newly unveiled, but long rumored HTC J Butterfly “phablet”?
by AdrianOctober 17, 20129

Special Edition HTC One S: It’s white and it’s got 64 GB of storage on-board

Everyone loves to talk about the HTC One X, but did you know that it has a little brother? The HTC One S doesn't get the attention it deserves, mainly because of the screen. Most of us ...
by ŠtefanOctober 17, 20122

HTC J Butterfly: The rumors about a 5 inch 1080p smartphone were true!

We've been hearing rumors about HTC making a 5 inch 1080p Android flagship device for several months now. At first we didn't believe them, but then both Sharp and Japan Display (JDI) ...
by ŠtefanOctober 17, 201221
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