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AT&T, Rogers and Sprint versions of HTC One X get overclocked to 1.8 Ghz

by: LucianJuly 10, 2012

These days it seems like phones and other mobile devices based on the ARM architecture are getting dangerously close to the performance of desktop machines. There’s still a lot of difference in absolute raw performance, but the point is these devices are getting so fast, that most users won’t even notice any perceptible difference in performance when using the two types of devices.

This is helped by the fact that mobile apps are a lot leaner than their PC counterparts, so they load and work a lot faster (which, for example, is also why Windows 8 tablets based on Atom will still feel very slow with non-Metro [...]

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HTC’s profits drop in half in the second quarter, Customs ban and weak sales blamed

by: LucianJuly 6, 2012

HTC warned a few weeks ago that its Q2 earnings will not be that great, and it looks like they were right. HTC’s profit dropped by 57.8% in the last quarter, compared to a year ago. This means that more than half of their profit has evaporated, leaving the Taiwanese with only $250 million in profit for this quarter. In the meantime, Samsung achieved an amazing $5.9 billion in profit for their phone division, thanks mainly to the launch of the Galaxy S3, which increased their profits by 79%.

So why was Samsung so successful and why was HTC’s evolution so lackluster in the past quarter? HTC blames customs issues, referring to the injunction that the ITC [...]

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Telus Mobility to start selling HTC One X soon

by: Bams SadewoJuly 5, 2012

About three months have passed since HTC One X was introduced in Canada. Previously only available on Rogers Wireless due to an exclusivity deal, the phone has finally made its leap to another carrier in the country, Telus Mobility.

The product page of HTC One X is now up on Telus’ website. It still says that the phone is coming soon, but Mobile Syrup reported they have received tips that the HTC One X will become available on Telus as early as July 6. We guess we’ll find out soon enough if we see any status update on its website tomorrow.

The arrival of HTC One X on Telus will complete the availability of the One series with the mobile operator – the [...]

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Apple’s request for emergency ban on HTC phones in U.S. denied

by: AdrianJuly 3, 2012

Apple’s savage attacks against everything and anything Android-related don’t seem to be nearing an end, but the Cupertino-based company has received another blow in its legal battle with HTC. The request for an emergency ban against HTC phone imports in the U.S. has been denied by the ITC, which means that the EVO 4G LTE and the One X will be found in store shelves across the States for some time to come.

The U.S. International Trade Commission first issued an order last December that banned HTC from importing several Android devices that apparently infringed on two of Apple’s patents, which prevented, among others, the scheduled release of the EVO 4G LTE over at [...]

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Tegra 3 One X gets Jelly Bean port, HTC releases statement on official update

by: Bams SadewoJune 29, 2012

The buttery smooth Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has made its way to the international version of HTC One X, days after the new OS first wowed attendees at the Google I/O conference, thanks to the fine works of the folks at XDA-developers.

The Jelly Bean port for the HTC One X, which was based on the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 ROM, is by no means perfect as it’s still in its early days. Here are the currently known issues:

Cellular WiFi Audio Camera

Note that there might be more bugs that need to be worked on. The developers’ priority is to make the phone function, data and WiFi work on the port, so you may want to hold out a little bit longer if you want to use [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 to top 10 million sales in July

by: LucianJune 25, 2012

The original Galaxy S model was expected to sell 10 million units during the second part of 2010, while the Galaxy S2 was expected to reach 20 million in the same period. The Galaxy S3 seems to be speeding by those milestones even faster, with analysts predicting that Samsung will top 10 million sales for the Galaxy S3  in July, less than two months from the international launch on May 29, and in spite of all the problems suffered in the US.

Even though the Galaxy S3 has been quite controversial, because some people had higher expectations at launch, it has proven to be one of the best, if not the best smartphone in the market right now. Predicting that it will sell [...]

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HTC aknowledges WiFi problems with Tegra 3 HTC One X models

by: Mike AndriciJune 19, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks, an increasing number of reports surfaced online regarding a construction flaw in the HTC One X’ design that leads to faulty WiFi signal reception in some units.

As pointed out by multiple users from XDA-Developers, the problem lies within the hardware and not the software. HTC One X units that showcase this problem can be squeezed to increase the strength of the WiFi signal (that’s why many have nicknamed the issue “the reverse death grip”). Those of you unwilling to take your high-end Android smartphone apart and manually correct the manufacturing error should be glad to know that the Taiwanese manufacturer has now officially [...]

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Mac-based bootloader unlock script for AT&T and Rogers One X now available

by: AdrianJune 14, 2012

If HTC’s One X is your high-end smartphone of choice these days, but you’re not very comfortable with that Android ICS/Sense 4 UI software combination, there’s only one thing to do. Yes, I’m talking about flashing one of the cool and functional custom ROMs available around the web. But before doing that you’ll need to unlock the bootloader.

Up until now, to do that, you were forced to use a Windows or Linux-based computer, and, as usual, Mac users were left hanging for a solution for their favorite platform. That’s all in the past, however, thanks to XDA Senior Member jnichols959, who has come up with a bootloader SuperCID unlock script made to work on Apple’s Macs and [...]

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Qualcomm expects supply of 28nm S4 chips to increase by 2013

by: LucianJune 13, 2012

The Snapdragon S4 processor was made at 28nm, and since 28nm is a brand new process for Global Foundries (Qualcomm’s main foundry) and also for TSMC, which means that some unexpected issues may appear, or their planned production is much smaller than anticipated. This has already led to phones that were supposed to have the S4 processor, like the One S, to only get an S3 processor (although clocked at 1.7 Ghz) in certain Asian markets.

Qualcomm may have put the S4 processor on a high-priority list for certain phones models, like the One X and the US version of the Galaxy S3, since they can’t give everyone the S4 chip, even if they are asking for it. The S4 [...]

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One X Wi-Fi issues appear to be caused by an HTC hardware oversight

by: Chris SmithJune 11, 2012

In case you own an HTC One X and you’re constantly struggling to get a decent Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection, then you need to know you’re not the only one experiencing such issues. In fact, it appears that it’s HTC to blame for your faulty connection, and while there is a way of fixing it – by taking the handset apart – you’d probably be better off contacting HTC and have them repair or replace you device.

A forum user at xda-developers thoroughly detailed his personal experiences with the handset, and shared with other One X owners various picture tutorials that could help them fix the problem. So far, there are as many as [...]

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