Desktop Apps for Chrome are here, and they’re wonderful

Chrome Desktop Apps
by 10 months ago

Right under the Collections tab in the Chrome Web Store lies For Your Desktop, which were widely knows as packaged apps before today. Those apps, like software for traditional operating systems, run independent of the browser, and don’t need an internet connection.

What is Google planning with Chrome?

Google Chrome
by 1 year ago

With the Chrome browser teetering on taking the browser throne outright, and Chromebooks gaining in popularity daily, it’s time we take a look at what’s happening with Google’s baby. There is a lot going on with Chrome, as always, and I/O may give us a glimpse into what’s next.
If you love Chrome, this is a must read!

Are Chromebooks in trouble?

Chromebook Pixel Hinge AA
by 1 year ago

These reports about Chromebook usage persist, so the question now is whether or not they’re accurate, especially considering the current state of technology. More to the point, if those numbers, which report that Chrome OS comprises just 2/100 of 1% of web traffic, are correct… what is going on in Chromebook land?!