What do you really want in your new phone?

Best smartphones 2013
by 3 months ago

Are you excited about bezel-less smartphones, 4K displays, and biometrics or do you think they’re over-hyped gimmicks? Would you prefer some solid improvements to your phone’s core features. We ask what you’re really looking for in your next device.

Sony Xperia Z2 20.7MP camera and 4K video shown off in shots of Tokyo at night

Z2 20.7MP camera in Japan
by 4 months ago

The Xperia Z2 went for a little walk about Tokyo, snapping up beautiful photos of the night and some 4K video too. The Chinese blog Ring HK shared the 20.7MP photos and short 4K video clip on their site. They were sure to let us know that the Z2 in use was an engineers test unit, not the finished retail unit that you or I will eventually put in our pockets.

Do we need smartphones with 4K displays?

How far we've come, a 110" 4K HDTV
by 5 months ago

With the move to QHD smartphones expected this year, we explore what, if any, benefits increasing display resolutions has for image quality, and if the trend towards 4K is really necessary for mobile devices.