LTE guide: what LTE is, how it works, and how it affects you

by 1 year ago

Terms like 4G and LTE have been tossed around with abandon the past year or so. Every carrier is either touting their LTE network, or promising you’ll have it soon. LTE is definitely our future, but it’s not our present. We are on the brink of some really fast data transmission speeds, so let’s get to know our new friend LTE. Is it really the new Standard? More importantly, when will you get it?

UK’s EE increases data allowance for its 4G LTE customers, introduces SIM-only data-only option

by 1 year ago

EE’s 4G data plans increased around 60% with the launch of SIM-only data-only plans to offer more choices to its customers. There are no changes in the monthly fee with the change in data plans. The new 30-day contract plan with limited data allowance of 5GB will be available for free for the first month to those users who would sign up for the plan before December 23.

T-Mobile bolsters its 4G HSPA+ network in 10 metro areas

by 1 year ago

Just in time for the start of the festive season, T-Mobile is giving customers the gifts of better 4G coverage, as the carrier improves its 1900MHz HSPA+ network in 10 markets. This means those who own unlocked AT&T handsets can benefit from the enhanced data and voice coverage.