Do we really know what 5G technology means for consumers?

by 1 month ago

Back in October of 2010, the ITU declared that LTE technology wasn’t technically “4G,” and that no major wireless carrier was technically deploying 4G networks. According to the ITU, only technology like LTE-Advanced, capable of speeds over 100 Mbps, could be considered 4G. Carriers ignored the declaration with T-Mobile arguing their HSPA+ build was the “largest 4G network,” and Sprint & Verizon also made “4G” part of marketing for their respective LTE networks (technically, LTE and Mobile WiMax).

Huawei denies spying allegation made by ex-NSA head

Huawei booth
by 1 year ago

Michael Hayden, a retired four star general and the former head of the CIA and the NSA, has publicly accused the networking company of passing sensitive information about national telecommunication infrastructures to the Chinese state.

Samsung cracks the 5G code, available to consumers by 2020

Samsung logo
by 1 year ago

If you’ve come to the conclusion that 4G LTE simply isn’t fast enough for you, you are in luck. That is if you can wait till 2020. On Sunday, Samsung announced that it had developed a core technology of fifth-generation network, hoping to bring even faster data speeds than 4G networks can provide today. Read on to find out more.