Sprint 4G LTE

Today Sprint reaffirmed its commitment to expanding its 4G LTE network by announcing a major push to 22 new markets. Alongside the announcement of the 22 new cities getting its high-speed services, it also reiterated its promise to add LTE to more than a hundred new cities in the near future.

Kindle Fire HD

When Amazon announced its new range of Kindle Fire tablets last month, among them was its first device with mobile broadband. The high-end Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE can connect to AT&T’s 4G network but, since it has support for 10 bands, it can fallback to the 3G networks as well! The only snag was that at the time of the launch, Amazon didn’t have U.S. Federal Communications Commission approval for the device! Although it could be seen as a foregone conclusion that the device would pass the FCC’s tests, it certainly wasn’t, especially when you consider that this is Amazon’s first device with any kind of cellular technology.


UK’s first 4G LTE network is ready to roll, but before anything, EE has to build a strong line-up of high-end phones to go with the new speeds. That doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore for the T-Mobile/Orange joint venture, which has officially announced the release of the Galaxy Note 2 on October 15.

Rogers LTE

After launching their first LTE site last year, Rogers has been busy working on getting LTE to everyone. They have recently launched LTE in 18 new cities, which greatly expands their area. It is a far cry from having complete coverage, but every new site that gets launched counts.