Rogers LTE

After launching their first LTE site last year, Rogers has been busy working on getting LTE to everyone. They have recently launched LTE in 18 new cities, which greatly expands their area. It is a far cry from having complete coverage, but every new site that gets launched counts.


AT&T might be a far second to Verizon in U.S. 4G LTE coverage, but that’s not stopping it from continuing its aggressive expansion plans. Part of the plan is to create a nationwide 4G band using 20MHz of spectrum in the 2.3GHz wireless communications services band for the LTE network.


With several new LTE devices coming out for Sprint, a list that includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, it’d be a shame to have them – and other 4G-equipped smartphones running on the carrier – gasping for some 4G air, right? That shouldn’t be the case anymore if you live in the following cities.


Betting on the wrong wireless technology (WiMax, anyone?) has caused Sprint’s 4G LTE deployment to lag behind its rivals – especially Verizon, which has now covered 75% of the U.S. population across over 370 markets. Despite the disadvantage, Sprint announced that it has so far sold more than 1 million LTE-equipped devices, with the Galaxy S3 and EVO 4G being the two most popular handsets.


AT&T sure took its time, but subscribers in Seattle can finally enjoy the ultra-fast mobile network that the carrier has to offer. AT&T’s Vice President Mike Maxwell said that is the response to the continued “demand for mobile Internet skyrocket,” and what customers ultimately seek “from their mobile experience.”


When it comes to 4G LTE, AT&T still plays second fiddle to Verizon in the U.S. Market. Verizon Wireless has an impressive amount of 4G LTE support with 370 cities, versus AT&T’s 62. That being said, AT&T is still in second place for LTE coverage and seems eager to keep that role.

Today AT&T launched their service in two new cities. Both Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania now support LTE speeds. Two new cities might not sound like much, but there are many more cities that will be rolling out the service in the next several months and into 2013 as well. It’s also worth mentioning that in July AT&T brought its service to Buffalo, Burlington, Cleveland, Corpus Christi, Gainesville, Greensboro-Winston Salem and Wichita. Expansion clearly remains a priority.