2015 Buick vehicles are the first GM cars to have wireless connectivity installed

4G LTE GM Cars
by 4 days ago

Telematicsnews Last February, General Motors (GM) announced that a number of their 2015 car models would have AT&T LTE connectivity pre-installed. Now, GM has announced that their 2015 Buick vehicles will be the first have this wireless connectivity installed. The network will be run using AT&T and allows for up to seven devicesĀ to be connected at one time.Ā To use the AT&T network, a person will have to purchaseĀ a data plan. Monthly plans start at $5 for 200MB for existing OnStar customers ($10 for others) and go up to 5GB for $50.Ā Current AT&T customers can share data from your phone’s plan…

Qualcomm promises new chip to improve in-home 4G LTE coverage

by 1 month ago

Qualcomm is introducing a new chip that will improve 4G LTE wireless data service inside and outside of a house. Qualcomm will offer a low-cost chip, FSM90xx SoC, that should be inexpensive enough to include in Wi-Fi routers by device makers. This would create mini 4G LTE cells in a person’s home. According to Qualcomm, the 4G LTE small cell technology can be put into products that are also offering Wi-Fi access.

Global LTE market revenue will reach near $1 Trillion by 2020

LTE Advanced
by 2 months ago

Allied Market Research is reporting that the LTE market will grow quickly and be worth more than $997 Billion by 2020. The report analyzes the global LTE market based on geographical regions and reveals that Asia Pacific possesses the highest potential and is expected to generate the highest revenue with approximately 40% of the global LTE market. North America currently occupies about 50% share in the global market.

Will HSPA+ & EDGE exist with continued LTE rollouts?

by 2 months ago

According to Infonetics Research, older wireless networks such as EDGE and HSPA will remain for operators even though LTE rollouts continue to expand across the country. Infonetics found that nearly 75 percent of survey respondents are running EDGE networks to enable new services and enhance user experience. However, those operators that do not have EDGE also do not see a need for it.