T-Mobile USA: Next Android device coming in early summer 2009

by: Michael OrylJune 2, 2009
HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile USA this summer?

HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile USA this summer?

We received a brief note from T-Mobile USA today highlighting the successes that it has had with the Android platform so far, and talking a wee bit about its next Android powered device.

For starters, T-Mo has said that it has sold over 1 million T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) smartphones in the U.S. since its launch last year.  It also mentioned that there are currently over 4,900 applications available in the Android Market for the device.

The important bit of information, however, is that the next Android device is going to be offered in the early summer time frame this year.  The note didn’t say any more than that, but we can guess based on the roadmap slides we have seen that the company is talking about the HTC Magic.

The question now is, how soon is “early” summer?

  • djatlantic

    Yeah. How soon is _early_ summer? I have hold out for the new device for around 5 months now. I am dying to get my hands on the Magic.

  • g_willi

    @djatlantic I have a Magic from the Google I/O conference. It’s not all that. On the other hand, I love my G1. You’re better off getting the G1 now at a discounted price. My opinion is that the Magic (aka G2) is just a thinner G1 without it’s best feature — the keyboard.

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