T-Mobile direct billing option

T-Mobile direct billing option

By way of its support forums, T-Mobile has announced that it is rolling out direct account billing for Android Market purchases for its users of Android-powered smartphones like the G1, the CLIQ, and the myTouch 3G.  The roll out has already started, but the last folks to receive the silent over the air update are not expected to see it until the end of the month, so you might have some time to wait before you get the update yourself.

Direct carrier billing is only available for applications that are charged in U.S. dollars at this point, so you’ll still need to use Google’s payment service for anything billed in British pounds or Euros.

The T-Mobile update FAQ says that you will not be notified when the update is installed, and will have to check that the version of your Market is greater than 1660 to find out if you have the update – or just try to buy something. I can say that the Motorola CLIQ, at least, does not show the version number in the Manage Applications screen for Market, so some of us, at least, will have to just test it by attempting a purchase.

[via AndroidAndMe]

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