T-Mobile USA to invest $4.7 billion in LTE rollout in 2013, $6 billion more over the next two years

by: AdrianDecember 7, 2012

T-Mobile’s future in the US has for a while been in the balance, with countless rumors that the parent company, Deutsche Telekom, is trying to ditch the States. An AT&T buyout was very close to succeeding and confirming the speculations last year, but it failed at the last minute due to regulatory hurdles.

Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T boosted their customer portfolios to over 100 million people each, while Sprint consolidated its last spot on the US carrier podium, leaving T-Mo trailing. T-Mobile officials themselves admitted that America might be too small for four major players in this market, but that doesn’t mean Magenta doesn’t see itself in the top 3 soon enough.

A merger with well-established regional carrier MetroPCS is very close to happening, but that’s not all T-Mobile is counting upon to get back in the fight. We also know the carrier’s radical views on the iPhones are slowly, but surely shifting, while an LTE rollout is bound to happen next year.

But if you still needed additional proof T-Mobile USA is serious about its future, there you have it: $4.7 billion will be invested in the LTE network in 2013, while for the next couple of years the carrier has another $6 billion put aside for “general network enhancements”.

That all comes to a whopping total of $10.7 billion to be invested in just 3 years, significantly up from the $2.7 billion spent on average between 2010 and 2012 for similar network improvements. It’s of course not all about the money you put in, but also about how you choose to spend it, though one thing is clear – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint-Softbank, you’ve (still) got competition!

  • I love this and I love T-Mobile! They’re making fantastic strides and with all this money investment, the Spectrum acquisitions from Verizon and Att, and finally of course the iPhone I see Magenta seriously stepping up its competition. Been with them since the Voicestream days in 2000 and I’ve always been satisfied with them in my area.

  • yarrellray

    If your currently on Tmobile and you’re a value plan customer look forward to 2013 being a big year. If your looking to DUMP Verizon like i did or DUMP Ass [email protected] then yes Tmobile and it’s great value plans and unlimited data is awaiting your arrival.

  • I love me some T-mobile.