More details about the T-Mobile Uncarrier Value plans

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 22, 2013

t mobile 4g lte network Credit: T-Mobile

A trusted source has provided us with a full breakdown of T-Mobile’s upcoming Value plans. See how the plans will be built for individuals and families.

We’ve reported extensively on T-Mobile’s bold plans to become an “Uncarrier” by ditching the subsidy system now prevalent in the United States.

While T-Mobile is only expected to reveal its new strategy on March 26, we’ve already learned quite a lot about the structure of the Uncarrier plans, thanks to a series of leaks. These include details about a new trade-in program that will score customers discounts on their plans when they bring in old devices, and information about the pricing of the “Uncarrier classic” plans, which T-Mo will make available through Best Buy and other big retailers.

Now we have some new details about T-Mobile’s upcoming Value plans, thanks to our trusted source close to the carrier. These plans will be available in T-Mo stores and online, and, as rumored before, include a plan that offers unlimited data for an affordable $70.

T-Mobile individual Value plans pricing

Here’s how the individual T-Mobile Value plans will be built. All plans will include a base voice and text package that will cost $50. Starting from it, individual users will get to choose between either unlimited data or a set of data buckets.

The unlimited option will be $20 for phone access, plus an optional bucket for tethered access. After the buckets are consumed, tethering stops, but you’ll still get data at full speed on your device.

The bucket data option will start from $0 for 0.5GB (included) to $60 for 12.5GB. This includes both device and tethered access. After the bucket is consumed, the speed will be throttled.

t mobile value pricing (2)

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T-Mobile individual Family/pooled plans pricing

The Family/pooled Uncarrier plans are similar to the individual plans, with the difference being the tariff for the voice and text package. For $80, users will get unlimited text and talk on line 1&2, with an extra $10 for lines 3 to 5.

The data add-on is identical to the individual plans.

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier marketing approach

Finally, we got our hands on a document that lays down the main selling points of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier strategy. The carrier will focus on four qualities of its service: un-congested, un-limited, un-beatable, and un-restricted.

t mobile value pricing (3)

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What do you make of these plans? Will they bring T-Mobile the much awaited turnaround?

  • fractalsftw

    The price seems just a little bit steep, $50 for text/voice + $20 for data. I know it’s cheaper than most of the contract plans. I’d stick with my $30 for 100 minutes, unlimited text and data TMO value plan. VOIP over wifi to make up for the lack of minutes. Hell of a deal if all you want is minutes and texts with a family of 5, though.

  • twisted247

    I personally think it’s an excellent idea. I may very well jump ship when they bring this in. Now that they have metro pcs backing them they’ll know exactly how to execute this.

  • Authority

    Exclusive? This was posted on Tmonews a week ago! You guys are a joke

  • Noobs

    Source must be Tmonews from a week ago…. Lol what fools.

  • $70/month is way too expensive. I recently scored 18 months of straight talk for……$360

    • Sohip

      How? and does it include data? I’m really interested!

  • Right now I Have the $60 Unlimited voice/text, and 2GB of data before it gets throttled. With the new plan, I’d get an extra half gig of data for the same price, so are they going to eliminate their prepaid plans all-together for this?

  • unanimous

    Give credit to tmonews you fools. You should be ashamed of yourself for stealing information without giving credit. What a fool.

  • bei pervim

    We will pay more for service and full price for phones.