T-Mobile Uncarrier pricing leaked

by: Robert TriggsMarch 20, 2013


We’ve been covering T-Mobile’s plans to move away from a typical contract based business model towards being the first “Uncarrier” in the US. Well today a few details emerged about how T-Mobile’s pricing system will work, you can check out the full list of options in the picture below.

T-Mobile has confirmed that these “Uncarrier classic” plans will apply to its national retailers only, for example Target and Best Buy. The value plans will supposedly be constructed slightly differently in T-Mobile’s own stores, which are rumoured to start $50 and include a $70 unlimited data plan.

T Mobile Uncarrier Pricing

Unlimited talk time and texting will be included with all of the carrier’s data plans, and there’s a selection of data options ranging from 500MB for $60 and 12GB costing $130 for individual users. T-Mobile also has a range of family plans for different data and handsets requirements, which all seem quite reasonably price. Under the Uncarrier plans you’ll also be able to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot without incurring any additional charges.

Unfortunately the unlimited data option excludes mobile tethering, but this plan will only cost $90 for as much data as you want. You can add the ability to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot back on to the unlimited plan, but there are additional charges depending on how much data you want to use.

Rather than racking up enormous phone bills, T-Mobile has opted to simply cut off tethering once you reach your limit, but your standard mobile data will remain in good working order. You can have 500Mb worth of data for free, 2.5GB for an extra $10, and a decent 4.5GB of tethering will set you back $20.

Working out exactly what your allowances are will be simpler than before, and all of this comes with no contract strings attached, which is definitely an attractive factor when choosing between carriers. What do you think about T-Mobile’s pricing plan for its Uncarrier strategy?

  • turb0wned
    • Rob Triggs

      That info from tmonews is for T-Mobile’s own stores. The plans in this article refer to other T-Mobile retailers, e.g BestBuy, etc.

      • turb0wned

        Then why are people complaining… Don’t sign up for T Mobile at a retailer… Simple.

  • Brian Patterson

    I don’t get it.. So does it cost $60 for 3 lines???

    • Looks like $160 for 2 lines, Then ADD $50 per line for lines 3-5… So Family plans without tethering will cost between $160 for 2 lines up to $310 for 5 with unlimited everything… Beats Sprints Completely Unlimited plan by a long shot, they charge $209.99 for 2 lines and $99.99 each for 3-5 so plans range from $209.98 to $509.96… That’s a HUGE Savings overall…

  • cliff bonny

    for the family plan it would cost 120 plus 50 for 3-5 lines. when will tmobile uncarrier will have it?

  • J

    Are these people on crack???? So I have to pay for the phone outright and then pay these outrageous prices every month too????? Um…no thanks, I’ll just buy the phone and get a prepaid plan with 2GB of data every month for under $50. How are they thinking of charging $80 for the same plan? And who cares about them officially letting you tether, if you know what you’re doing you can get away with it without your carrier finding out.

    • DeronLinsky

      No, this is the classic plan which you get heavily subsidized phones. The price is way cheaper compared to Verizon or att. Of course the value plan will be better.

  • Marco Mendoza

    These plans look a lot like Verizon and at&t shared data plans

  • Marco Mendoza

    The plans they have now give you unlimited everything including hotspot for 94.99. T mobile is becoming more like at&t and Verizon