T-Mobile Uncarrier 7 event scheduled for September 10th

by: Andrew GrushAugust 29, 2014


There was a time not that long ago when T-Mobile found itself struggling to bring in new customers and was decisively stuck in fourth place among the big U.S. carriers, at least in terms of subscribers. Then the uncarrier move began, and T-Mobile started stirring the pot by calling out its competitors and changing up industry standards. This new strategy has won Tmo millions of new subscribers and while T-Mobile is still just the fourth biggest carrier, they are closing the gap in between it and Sprint by the day.

It seems that T-Mobile isn’t content to let things stand as they are either, as the Uncarrier has now announced the “Uncarrier 7.0” event with the tag-line “This time it’s personal”. The latest T-Mobile event will come September 10th at 12:30PM in San Francisco, just a day after the unveiling of the next-gen iPhone and just a week after the Note 4’s announcement at IFA.

As for what we can expect to see? Honestly, we have no clue. Some of T-Mobile’s past moves have included removing two-year contracts, providing free tablet data, international data coverage and unlimited music streaming with select services. All we can say is that the latest tag-line is probably a hint at what’s coming, if we can only decipher it. What would you like to see from T-Mobile next? Have you been impressed by T-Mobile’s uncarrier initiative so far?

  • Darcy Myers

    Very excited about their moves so far. I would like to see better service in my area but with wifi calling I am getting by. Go team Tmo!

    • soonfoundsla

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  • Roger E.

    Wow, super excited to see what they have coming! Feels Like opening Pandoras box! You’re doing gods work T-Mobile!

  • crutchcorn

    Let’s watch John League beat the crap outta others! :D

    • luqman_98

      John Legere, not John League :P

      Anyway, I hope that any carrier in Malaysia will follow the T-Mobile sucess and awsomeness! :)

      • crutchcorn

        Oh no, he’s in a League all by himself. ;D

  • ThunderCrackR

    Really excited. Even if I am not an US citizen, I still enjoy their ”shows”.

  • Mur

    I convinced my dad to switch from AT&T to TMobile after reading about all the good things they’ve been doing. Staff and process were super friendly, efficient, and quick. No overages, blablabla [insert uncarrier awesomeness], plus they’ve recently upgraded the LTE in the SF area and it’s awesome!
    Which is why I’m now extra excited for this event.

  • Mali

    I personally don’t notice any changes.. These changes only bring new people.. Not 12yr long loyal customers like me.. I hate T-Mobile.. My phone service has got worse with every update.. I have the note III.. And it feels like I have a flip phone.. Sorry.. Not sorry.. T-Mobile is a joke… Ya I’m sure then you’re thinking.. Then go else where.. But why? With 12yrs under my belt.. I at least get my way when I want it. Just not the service I’d expect

    • xsvari0us

      Then stfu, and stop complaining.

      • cizzlen


    • Richard Sequeira

      12 years a customer with T-Mobile? If you don’t like them, move out. No need to stay with them if all they cause is problem. I’ve had them since the OMNILink days.

    • tomokatsu

      Not sure how bad phone updates are the fault of the network… Sounds like you have more issues with Samsung.

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    Recently switched to t-mobile from AT&T. Brought two at&t phones with us a note 2 and a gs2 skyrocket.(unlocked em myself), the Skyrocket has LTE on t mobile from day 1 and my note 2 has hspa+ but I recently discovered a mod to enable LTE. Did I mention unlimited data mwuahahahaahhaa