T-Mobile Uncarrier 3.0 Part II will be unveiled tomorrow via press conference on Twitter

by: Andrew GrushOctober 22, 2013


At the beginning of the month, T-Mobile announced its Uncarrier 3.0 initiative, expanding on its bold, industry-changing uncarrier strategy by adding unlimited global roaming to its existing plans. Now it looks that T-Mobile has a bit more in store for us and is ready to reveal the rest of their plans tomorrow, October 23rd.

According to T-Mobile’s official press release, part two of “Uncarrier 3.0” is about unleashing your tablet in a “disruptive Un-carrier way” (T-Mobile’s words). What exactly does that mean? While we can’t say for sure, we can take some guesses.

First, it’s possible that T-Mobile is getting ready to change up its existing tablet data plans which currently start at 500MB for $20 a month and max out at $70 for 10.5GB. This could mean they are lowering the prices or even offering unlimited data for one low price.

Some other possibilities include adding tablets to the JUMP program, or perhaps adding some form of tablet trade-in program like they already offer with phones. As crazy as it sounds, perhaps T-Mobile might even include something like X amount of months of free mobile data with a T-Mobile tablet purchase (just a thought).

Whatever it is, we imagine it will be big. It’s also very likely it will be a combination of several new announcements that together equal an industry-changing approach to tablets.

If you’re interested in attending the conference, you can – as it will be online and live via Twitter! The event will take place at 9AM PT and John Legere and Mike Sievert will even answer your questions live. You can send your questions to @Tmobile with the hashtag #unleashthetablet, or you can text them by sending them to 313131 and typing TMUSQA.

So what do you think T-Mobile has up its sleeves? Have you been impressed by T-Mobile’s uncarrier phases so far or not?

  • Ryu

    How about coverage?

  • Winston Smith

    Now if they could only provide coverage for more than a ten block radius outside of a major city I and everyone else would be onboard. Where I live, you have to drive an hour or more in any direction to even pick up a T-Mobile edge signal. Awful, just awful nation wide coverage.

  • RanRu

    Is the word “disruptive” becoming a thing? It feels like it’s becoming a thing.

    Hopefully T-Mobile’s next phase in this thing will be more widely relevant. Unlimited global roaming is great and all, but there aren’t too terribly many people that it’s useful for.

    And hopefully they can use MetroPCS’s towers in some way to expand their coverage. For all the gripe people have about Metro, I had better coverage than my mom on Sprint when I was with them.

  • frederickpou

    Maybe they should start focusing on getting coverage taken care of. What good is it to have good plans when you can even make a call outside of a large city???

  • tomn1ce

    Maybe is to announce that they are flipping on the switch to increase their coverage area…..That would be nice, that would get a lot more people on their network and they can move up from 4th to 2nd/3rd and even to #1. The reason I haven’t left vzw for Tmobile is because of their coverage. What would be the point of saving $15-$20/month for a not so great service. I prefer to pay more and be happy then to pay less and be agitated because of bad service.