T-Mobile tries to save sinking ship. Image re-branding on the way [Updated]

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 17, 2012
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T-Mobile, has faced a difficult few years, losing a lot of customers due to the absence of an official iPhone in its lineup, and with the AT&T buyout failing due to regulatory hurdles. Long story short, the No. 4 carrier in the US is now scrambling to become relevant again, in a race dominated by carrier powerhouses AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, will invest over $4 billion in its American operations to erect a 4G LTE network. In the meanwhile, the company hopes to complete the rollout of its HSPA+ “4G” network, which is more akin to an advanced 3G technology than true 4G. There are also plans to pump up $200 million in advertising spending.

T-Mobile is seemingly going all in with the release of the HTC One S, with a huge launch party taking place in New York later this week. Similar to Microsoft’s “Smoked by a Windows Phone” and Nokia’s “Smartphone Beta Test” campaigns, T-Mobile is launching a “test drive” website, aiming to prove the superiority of the HTC One S against its competition. However, I don’t see the One S, or any other device in T-Mo’s lineup being “superior” to AT&T’s HTC One XL or Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE so I’m looking forward to seeing how T-Mobile is going to play this.

Along with this promotional blitz, T-Mobile has decided to go with a complete re-branding of its image. In an interview with AllThingsD, senior VP Peter DeLuca mentions that the carrier is preparing for a brand refresh later in the year, stating that “We really can’t wait until the end of the year to make some noise in the market.”

The first step in this re-branding is to change the image of the T-Mobile spokeswoman Carly Foulkes, who has appeared in almost every T-Mobile advert since 2010. Carly, best known as “the girl in the pink dress” will be discarding said pink dress in favor of leather and a Ducati.

The new soon-to-be-aired ad spots will primarily feature the HTC One S for now. I’m not entirely sure about what this change signifies. Is it T-Mobile’s attempt to portray a “good girl gone bad” image (wait, what?) or is the Ducati symbolic of how fast new T-mobile devices and their network is going to be?

Either way, wow. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in leather?

Below is a very short teaser of the advert the full ad:

Will the “new” Carly be able to save T-Mobile? Will T-Mobile be able to return to its former glory? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • The ship is not sinking…

  • They are letting you “TEST DRIVE” their 4G network, not the actual One S. I’m severely disappointed in T-Mobile. Stuck in this G2x contract with virtually no support for the device and they are releasing this beast of a phone.

  • MargaretNKinnley

    lol @ tmobile..


  • AndroidBrian

    T-Mobile gets crap phones but luckily everyone gets a Galaxy s phone and that’s all that matters. T-Mobile price is the best and I think we get the most deals because T-Mobile is trying to keep us long term customers so bad. 4 months before my update T-Mobile gave me a offer of upgrading early and allowed me to get any 4g phone for FREE! I got a free galaxy s2 so I don’t hate T-Mobile. Where else can you get a good 4g data plan for $20?

  • Greg Cardall

    I’ve never tried T-Mobile, but if they want to save their “sinking ship” and make some noise, they should completely ditch the custom-carrier apps and OS on their Android phones and stick to stock ROM’s. Letting users get OS updates as the manufacturers release them would be huge – and currently the other big three don’t offer that. Hell, if they decided to offer that, I might even switch from AT&T. Reduce fragmentation and advertise that you’re the only carrier to do that – instant win.

  • Cube

    The iphone is crap and I would rather have just about any android phone than a crap iphone.

    as long as its a decent android phone.

  • Greezythumb

    I have an Infuse that my daughter use with my Tmo plan and I use AT&T for myself. Both plans features are equal. AT&T charges $10 per gb of data over my allotted 3gb. Tmo throttles past 2gb. My AT&T bill is always no less than $115, my Tmo bill is never more than $70. Oh, both plans are unlimited talk, Tmo has texting included, AT&T charges $20 for unlimited text

  • Roger

    i have t-mobile, since i’m an established customer, i’m going to keep t-mobile tyvm ;)

  • Fcatbest

    Sorry to say no Carly won’t help T-Mobile I’m sorry, it’s sad to say, the Iphone is the main reason why they are losing customers and their bad coverage, I’m currently on tmobile, Im waiting for a phone that would convince me to stay

  • Donna

    I’m really not in to the iPhone, but do think T-Mobile is losing a lot of their customers to other companies offering their customers cheaper phone planes with more data.

  • SAS

    I started with tmo when they first opened and were driving that little volkswagen up in front of the building in their ads. I’ve left twice in all that time, for better phones both times. I’m not wild to change again but honestly if they don’t get better phones I may have to. Contract is up in 3 months and I need the One Note for the larger screen size.

  • Wmoore88

    Tmobile has denfently came back with there hspa+ plus network and with Phone Coverge And Why Do u think tmoble never went with the iphone its because its crap and apple retricts cell phone carriers way to munch and the sister company of tmobile investing even more money in tmobile and how the network is already built for inpervement there gonna diffidently start getting bigger and take over

  • XVeriozonprisoner

    You win some you lose some. I left verizon after 15 year because thet nickel and dime you to death. I have TMobible for the past 4.5 years. No they have not been perfect but I get good coverage and a very attracitive phone plan. And the phones are not as bad as everyone else seems to think. I have many iphones in the family and frankly I like the One S better then the iphone. They like it better then the iphone. So if you are a wise shopper and you get good coverage with TMO you’d be wise to keep it. You are not going to get any better from any of the other carriers. Truth be told I am happier with TMobile then I ever was with Verizon.