T-Mobile to offer all phones free on Father’s Day weekend?

by: AdrianJune 11, 2012

T-Mobile might not have the snappiest 4G network in the US or the largest number of high-end phones up for sale, but their special offers and discounts are (sometimes) unbeatable. For this year’s Father’s Day, for example, T-Mo is preparing to offer all of the network’s phones completely free of charge, if we are to believe a leaked promo material picked up by the guys at Tmonews.

The phones will be free with two-year carrier agreements, but that’ll still be a very nice deal, at least for some devices.

All of these and many more should go down to $0.00 next week-end, but at least some of them will likely require mail-in rebates. I know what you’re thinking: T-Mo should start taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 soon, but, even if that happens over the next few days, it’s hard to believe Samsung’s new flagship phone will be included in this special promotion. As you might know, the S3 starts at $199.99 at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular and is expected to go for at least as much from T-Mo.

Father’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday, on June 17, but T-Mobile’s offer is set to run on the 15 and 16 (Friday and Saturday), if the leaked promo material is not mistaken. The dates make sense, as you’ll want to get your dad the gifts before Father’s Day, so keep your fingers crossed for seeing as many phones as possible available for free and with as less “special conditions” as possible!

  • AndroidBrian

    T-Mobile always has promos like this. But its for a very selected few most of the time. Its probably for most customers who don’t have data phones yet and there 4 months away for a upgrade. And for loyal customers who have a update right now. And they’ll charge you $200 bucks and refund you with a rebate card like 2 months later.

    Its a great deal just don’t expect to walk into a T-Mobile store and get this deal because it probably won’t happen. Usually just for the people who got the mailed flyers.

    • Lagniappe

      I got the mailed flyer because I’m out of contract on my two lines. I would consider if the GS III were included in this promo but the timing is intentional to exclude it. I wonder if could get the One S and then return it for the GS III during the 14 day trial period. Probably won’t fly.

      • AndroidBrian

        These T-Mobile supposed great deals always come out strategically. They know the One S sales will drop dramatically once SG3 comes out so they desperately want people to use there update so there trying to get people to buy there ONE S. Its on T-Mobile.com right now for $50.00 till Thursday . You won’t be able to return it. You have to pay full upgrade price and they’ll refund with a rebate card. Rebate rules are very strict. I bet the coupon forces you to go to your local T-Mobile store as well? Restocking fee is very high. Not sure the exact price but its a percentage of the full retail value of the phone. So I suggest if you want a sg3 don’t use it. But you must weigh the pros and the cons. Is One X for about $40 better than a GS3 for about $250?