T-Mobile introducing Simple Starter plan for $40 a month: unlimited talk, text and 500MB data

by: Andrew GrushApril 9, 2014

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T-Mobile is now introducing an entry-level option for its post-paid customers, dubbed the Simple Starter plan. The new plan brings unlimited talking and texting, alongside 500MB of LTE data for just $40 a month.

Although 500MB might not be close to enough data for most of you out there, not everyone’s situation is the same. For example, I rarely use much more than this, due to the fact I work from home and most of the places I go to socially have easily accessible Wi-Fi. For those that can get by on this low amount of data, $40 is a pretty solid price for unlimited talk and text and easily beats out similar entry-plans from other major U.S. carriers.

On the downside, the wording of T-Mobile’s press release seems to suggest that, unlike other T-Mobile plans, you aren’t throttled to lower speed data once you run out of your 500MB — you’re simply cut off altogether. Of course, you can still add day passes or switch to another plan if you really need more than this.

The new Simple Starter plan will officially be available starting on April 12th. For those coming from another carrier, you’ll also be happy to know that the starter plan qualifies for the ETF buyout program. Anyone interested in T-Mobile’s starter plan, or does the hard cap of 500MB data turn you off?

  • Jim Bradbury

    I’m on TMOs cheapest plan of $50 which was 500mb data until a few weeks ago. I’m switching to the $40 plan. I run with mobile data off using Wifi at all the places I go which is generally 4gb/mo. In the last 15 days I’ve used only 9mb of mobile data.

    • Peerpressure

      That’s what I do, too. The only time I turn on mobile data is when I need to look something up off of wifi (generally the store). I’ve found that when I’m not on a wifi network, and mobile data isn’t turned on, I’ll still get calls and texts. Too bad I’m on a two line family plan of $80, otherwise I would switch down as well. Last month I used 129 MB. On wifi, I was at 12GB.

  • Łukasz Sobala

    Still expensive. The mobile market in the US is just broken.