T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans seem to have a good option for most users out there, but not everyone needs all the benefits these alternatives provide. T-Mobile created the Simple Starter plans for single line users who need something cheaper and with less commitment.

You must keep in mind there are reasons the Simple Starter plans are a bit cheaper.

Today’s announcement sheds light on yet another Simple Starter plan many of you will love. Magenta’s new plan quadruples your data for only $5 extra per month ($45 instead of $40). Subscribers would no longer be tied to 500 MB, raising their monthly data limit to a healthy 2 GB of blazing 4G LTE data.

You must keep in mind there are reasons the Simple Starter plans are a bit cheaper. For starters, data is suspended after you reach your Simple Starter data cap. Simple Choice users can continue browsing with reduced speeds, making the latter choice a virtually unlimited data plan.


Simple Choice users also tend to get dibs on T-Mobile’s best offers, including free international 2G data and unlimited music streaming. In short: these Simple Starter plans would be a great option for users who don’t need all the bells and whistles of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans.

Those interested will be able to sign up for the new Simple Starter plan come September 3rd. Just head to T-Mobile’s website to sign up!

Edgar Cervantes
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