May 7, 2013
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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 has received its first software update, which comes with a set of small but useful improvements.

The update for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 (a smartphone which had its share of delays), is available OTA (over the air), but can also be applied by using the Samsung Kies software. The update will bring the software to version number M919UVUAMDL, according to the dedicated T-Mobile support page (see Source link below).

The update brings improvements for the Visual Voicemail app, as well as to the ISIS app, which is used for NFC payments. The file size of the update is a pretty hefty one (168 MB) and you should keep in mind that your battery life should be over 50% when starting the process and that, of course, you’ll be needing a data connection.

In case you haven’t bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, maybe our review will help you decide, one way or the other.

And if you’ve already bought the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, make sure you tell us in a comment if you’ve received the new update.

Bogdan Bele
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