T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G finally gets ICS update starting October 3

by: AdrianOctober 2, 2012

It’s been a long and agonizing wait for Galaxy S Blaze 4G owners, but it now seems that the 4-inch mid-ranger is finally ready to get that much awaited software bump. And while the ICS leap means that the Blaze is still one step behind the times, I’m sure that most of those who bought the phone since March 2012 will receive the news with unrestrained joy.

Samsung and T-Mobile have both assured early Blaze 4G buyers that they won’t be stuck to Android 2.3 for long, but there’s been no official news on the ICS updating front ever since spring. The users’ frustration reached unimaginable heights when T-Mo and Sammy wrapped the upgrades for all other three devices scheduled to get them (Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 10.1), but fortunately the S Blaze wasn’t left out of the mix after all.

The ICS update for the Blaze will be available starting October 3 via Samsung Kies, meaning that you shouldn’t wait for an automatic prompt message to inform you about its availability. Instead, you can either download the Kies utility tool from here, connect your phone to a PC and take it from there, or you can try to manually get the update OTA (over-the-air) by tapping Menu – Settings – Software Update.

You’ll have to be running Android 2.3.6 on your unrooted Galaxy S Blaze 4G to get the download, and you should also make sure your battery is above the 50% mark if you choose to update OTA. Oddly, the software package only weighs in at 15.7 MB, which sounds a bit on the light side for such a major upgrade, but the changelog specifically says Android 4.0.4 and software version T769UVLH5, so we should expect the usual set of tasty treats, improvements and tweaks.

There are also two specific bug fixes mentioned in the update changelog, one for the Mobile Hotspot Icon location and one for adding an Email option. Hopefully, there won’t be any new glitches popping up, but if they do, be sure to inform us and the world below. Happy updating!

  • DrThundererer

    There is no OTA update for ICS. Look at the software number for the OTA update. The OTA update listed above is for 2.3.6. T-mobile’s press release was written poorly, and is very misleading.

  • Sharon

    I received a replacement S Blaze under warranty, which already has ICS installed, and I’ve found a couple of glitches!

    -phone prefers to be on page 1 of home screens, even if you never left your main home screen (ie you clicked on messages or phone or something else on the main home page, but when you hit the back key or the home key, the phone lands on page 1 instead of returning to the main home page).

    When I called tech support about this, the guy told me his S Blaze did that too, and that all his Samsungs did that

    -New text message notification does not clear after reading the new text message

    Since I was having this issue, I’ve returned the phone, still under warranty, and the replacements have had the same issues…

  • Joel Fritchman

    Just enjoy the Gingerbread. ICS stinks. Made my Blaze slower and lost Adobe Flash support. No benefit to upgrade that I can see…only a downgrade.

  • Melissa

    my samsung galaxy blaze will not hook up to the computer to download files from phone to computer since the update. It did it fine before.