It’s been a long time a-coming, but owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile can stop daydreaming about Ice Cream Sandwich and start preparing for a scoop. T-Mobile has announced on their Twitter account that the Android 4.0 upgrade for the device is “coming via Samsung Kies” starting June 6. Sadly, the carrier hasn’t mentioned anything else, except that more details will be posted soon. Let’s just hope and assume that we’ll hear more from them this week.

Back in April, Samsung released a list of all its devices in the US that will be getting ICS – a list that oddly excludes T-Mobile devices. “We are in close communication with T-Mobile to ensure that eligible devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming months and will provide updates as we have additional details to share,” Samsung said at the time.

So if T-Mobile sticks with its June 6 date to roll out the ICS upgrade, owners of T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2 will get to have the last laugh. As of now, there’s still no specific date as to when AT&T and Sprint subscribers will receive ICS on their Galaxy S2 phones.

Still looking forward to the ICS upgrade on your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Al

    Is it June 6 or 11?

    • Pinchydude

      11th. The screenshot that they posted says June 11th. Clearly they confused themselves

      • Jcadltr2009

        I ready have my ICS today for my s2

        • Adan

          If you rooted your device then it is not actually the official ICS Update

  • Jakesully

    It’s June 11

  • Sweetangel10628

    I just received mine today!

    • Pinchydude

      No you received 2.3.6 you won’t receive the ics update. It is not fota, you have to get it via kies

  • Palopimpin

    This is BS what about the at&t galaxy s2?

  • the bauce

    If i never upgraded my sim, will i still be able to get this update?

    • Jsxzjcbsj

      just go down to tmobile store and get a newer sim card. I’m pretty sure they are free.

    • Tory Garrett

      Sim doesn’t matter for sw/fw updates. The only thing upgrading your sim will do is allow you to use IMS Wifi-Calling.

  • Kabvuto76

    Any hope for us in Africa, no sign of ICS but using S2?

  • Baxter1974

    Got mine via kies on Saturday on t-mobile. Stick with gingerbread as it has bugs and offers little extra.

    • Reality Check

      Really? You must be SPECIAL!

  • g2x on ics

    How do you update over kies?

    • If the update is available, you will be prompted to update once you plug your phone into your computer and it syncs with Kies. But as of yet it is not available for T-Mobile US customers although today is the 11th.

  • Ben

    I think they mean june 11 not the 6

  • boomerxyz

    The ICS update looks pretty much the same as it does now because the TouchWiz overlay hasn’t changed much. The major differences people will notice is the settings menu. Otherwise, most won’t notice any difference. Wish they’d offer an update without TouchWiz. Should give hackers what they need to come up with a ICS rom devoid of TouchWiz. Woot!

    • the update has not been released yet.

    • Ashleyrose0516

      I have noticed quite a bit difference! :)

  • Zeke12345

    12:35 june 11. has anybody received the ics yet?

    • yorup

      nope. i just tried.

    • Ashleyrose0516

      I recieved my ics! June 13th :)

  • Fitize

    Did anyone get the is update an how plz walk me through it

    • It will be available via Kies at 8 p.m. pacific time tonight…I just found that out through T-Mobiles Facebook page.

  • Carterdarron8

    how do upate ?

  • Sweet2heart29

    Where is the update today is 6/11

  • DoNotIgnoreUs

    I wonder how many Galaxy S2 phones T-mobile dumped over this latest scam!
    They need to get them off the shelf so that they’ll be ready to start the sales of the Galaxy S3 which will come with Icecream Sandwich pre-installed with all the T-mobile scamware!

    • Eleazar Vital

      This is why you don’t have the update yet…

      Beginning June 11 @ 11pm EST/ 8pm PST, the Samsung Galaxy S II will have an optional software update to Android version 4.0.3 / Software T989UVLE1 via Kies. This update changes the Android OS to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and improves performance and stability. As previously announced the software update will only be available via Kies, there will not be an Over The Air (OTA) push.

      Almost time…

  • This link pretty much explains everything about the update to ICS and how to update as well…

  • Sammi

    do we have to unlock it again after update