T-Mobile starts rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich update for Samsung Galaxy S2

by: Bams SadewoJune 12, 2012
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Picking up on our last report about the coming of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2 on June 11, it seems the carrier has stayed true to its words by finally rolling out the update at 11 PM yesterday – a mere one hour before the clock hits 12. Kind of makes you wish that you hadn’t spent so much time refreshing the phone and checking on the Kies software all day yesterday, doesn’t it?

As detailed on T-Mobile’s website, don’t expect to see any notification for the ICS update on your phone, as the roll out will not be pushed through via OTA. You’ll have to get your dessert update via Kies instead, so it’s recommended to update the PC companion software to the latest version.

While ICS won’t drastically change the look of your Samsung Galaxy S2, there are some improvements and enhancements to be found. There’s a new lock screen action, face unlock, recent apps shortcut, added gestures, data usage tracker, and more. The update will also bring CMAS improvement, Wi-Fi calling enhancements, and voicemail enhancements.

And as for some final words to the wise, please make sure your Samsung Galaxy S2 has at least 50% battery before applying the ICS update. Enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich treat, and don’t forget to share your experience by writing in the comments below.

  • G Furno776

    asked t mobile about the update to android 4.0 on Saturday, they told me to go to kies, so i did and my son updated my s2 through kies that same day. so now i am asking was the update already released? if not what andriod 4.03 do i have on my phone.

    • Stormelite96

      There was a small update before ics, it was a while ago. Do the same process again, then itll be true upgrade

  • Papichulo3196

    I did my upgrade seems to be good so far just little choppy and useing lot of ram when i clear it

    • Angelgunzz

      I tried to update my Tmobile on kies I had 90% batteries on phone but didnt update can it be done via wifi how can I do it?? Thankz!

  • Er

    Just updated seems ok did not lose a thing

  • cubatista92

    I am using the SII unlocked with another carrier, will the update lock my phone?

  • Sir1honda

    What i can say is ITS AWESOME for our titaniim & white TMOBILE galaxy s2…

    This is the 1st time i download an OS that has features from GOOGLE, SAMSUNG & TMOBILE that are good and effective.

    Dont root or hack your Tmobile galaxy s2 & just download the latest ICS with new touchwiz & you are good to go.
    Its simple, elegant & complete – PERFECT…

    Thanks a lot, TMOBILE…

  • phone king

    Are foxfi, pdanet or other tethering apps working?

  • Rafalla21

    How do take out the root ics from the galaxy s 2 and put back to 2.3.6 gingerbread so I can get the original ics from tmobile can some one help me with this.

  • Tony S2 user

    Dont do it. Gingerbread works just fine and ICS doesn’t change much but it does stop SKYGO working saying phone isn’t supported. It also messes up the brightness control.

  • Daud

    So I have the phone unlocked to use another carrier, will it stay unlocked after the ICS upgrade?

  • kawika Reed

    I don’t know about you guys, but ever since updating to ics my ram is almost always maxed out. what can i do?

  • Boss_sid

    this update is stupid it turned my phone to a turtle it’s to slow.

    • Satyaramisetty

      Yes, I feel the same.

      • Rick

        This update is jam packed full of too much bloatware. Its like tmobile forces every google app down your throat. Memory is full way to jammed up and it affects the performance. I want to be able to remove more apps and have some control of my expensive Galaxy s2.

    • kristen b

      my phone freezes all the time now, and will foreclose apps. i wish i hadn’t upgraded

  • Bryan Allen

    My T989 was fast with 2.3.6 now it sucks! 4.0.3 is too slow on this phone! RAM is way too high. What is the deal T-Mobile? I want my phone’s old OS back.
    Swipe is jerky. Screen glides are jerky. Apps are slugish. Gmail will hang. Message will hang. Phone freezes. This never happened with 2.3.6.