T-Mobile image re-branding on track. Samsung Galaxy Note coming soon

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 25, 2012

T-Mobile is certainly taking its image re-branding plan seriously, in an effort to become competitive again in the race for US network carrier supremacy (or at least survival). T-Mobile is already releasing the HTC One S today, and now the rumors of T-Mobile getting its hands on the very popular Samsung Galaxy Note seem to be coming to fruition, according to a leak revealed of TmoNews, an unofficial blog for everything T-Mobile.

Interesting points to note from the above images, that give the rumor some credence are:

  • Most obviously, the T-Mobile branding at the top of the device above the screen
  • Inclusion of carrier apps such as My T-Mobile, T-Mobile Name ID, T-Mobile TV, T-Mobile Mall, and T-Mobile visual Voicemail
  • The device is running Android 4.0.3. With the Galaxy Note Android 4.0 update rolling out, any “new” devices should feature the OS

Granted, there has been no official announcement from the carrier about the pricing and release date of the device, or even whether the 5.3″ “phablet” will actually make an appearance in its device lineup. But it’s highly unlikely that this is just a wild rumor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently exclusive to AT&T, but the addition of this device will certainly strengthen T-Mobile’s faltering lineup. If true, and it definitely seems like it, this will certainly give T-Mobile users a huge reason to celebrate.

What are your thoughts? Is T-Mobile back on track? Will you be picking up a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note when available? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • Boom


  • Kh6cy

    will be moving from sprint

  • Bulletban

    imma jump on it

  • Craig

    If T-Mobile gets the Samsung Galaxy Note with ICS, yes, I’ll be re-upping with T-Mob for another two years.

  • mj

    Yes, I am interested in the galaxy note when it comes to t mobile .

  • Theacamp7

    Yep.. I have an upgrade available and I’m holding out for the Galaxy Note… for sure!!

  • AntBos76

    Does anyone know the release date

  • Petroglyph

    I have the MyTouch 4G Slide on T-Mobile….and have looked into the Abyss of potential obsession ever since my first glimpse of the Galaxy Note.
    The Gnote is pretty much everything I switched to a smartphone for in the first place…having an increased ability to communicate visually…but the Galaxy Note features a genuine dedicated Drawing/Painting capability…which was the initial driving force for my smartphone quest from the Get-Go….I can probably upgrade with minimum added expense (is anybody kidding themselves that they aren’t paying a lot any way ya look at it for these crazy things!?!)
    By the time it becomes available; I bet my upgrade price with T-Mobile contract will be minimal…and I am looking forward to sending little drawings, and saving sketches easily!!!

  • Cjmean77

    I will have the Samsung Galaxy Note the minute it arrives. I want that phone with PASSION….I came back Tmobile from Verizon, The Galaxy Note will be icing on my return. I like the iphone but I have my IOS fix with my Ipod touch…. I have a formidable Galaxy S II phone, but I want the NOTE….. Hurry Tmobile ….PLEASE!!

  • Khaleesinik

    My contract is up with Tmo on May 4th and I’m SO ready to jump ship to somewhere else. If this is true, I will stay with Tmobile. This is the only phone that will make me stay with this company.

  • Philarillo

    HELL YEAH I’M GETTIN THE NOTE. For a nerd like me, the note is like heaven on a phone. I went from SK3 to G1 to now the G2. And it’ll be running on the best OS, android. Can’t wait.

    • Zdequona

      When Is the samsung galaxy note coming to t mobile

  • Bossman_610

    my contract is up with tmobile in july, the same time my birthday is…the same time the Galaxy Note should be released…what a perfect birthday gift it would be for myself!!

  • hell yeah I’d snap that thing up in a heartbeat lol

  • Wer

    I can’t wait to get one from tmobile. My contract with Verizon ends in June, I hope the Note is available by then.

  • VanillaKaramel

    Hell to da yeah! Im an artist and ive been wanting one since its release!

  • Matthewmrl

    Get the phone…..

  • Jocelynfigueroa50

    All im waiting for is to hear the news of the note coming to t mobile and that day i will go to the store and purchase obe my dad said im only alowed yo get it if it’s with t mobile so of course I’m getting it I can’t wait any longer I need it now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #super excited

  • Ccff9907

    Definitely waiting for the note coming to T-Mobile

  • Jdjexec

    Definuwly can’t wait!!!

  • Kizzy_starks

    Hex yeah so hurry up Tmobile. I’m saving mine upgrading for this!

  • Lyene

    yes i will, can’t wait or if not the samsung galaxy 3 suppose to be coming too.

  • tom

    I certainlywill buythenotephonefromt mobile. I staywithtmobilefor its unlimilted data plan.

  • Cullen4883

    Will definatey get the note if it comes to T-Mobile.

  • Creative4s

    Get it done TMo! You need to give every other carrier something to worry about and the Note is it. Go forth Magenta Friends and conquer! I’m at the TMo store with $$$ in wallet. I say again, GET IT DONE!

  • christyy keosyvi

    Definately saving my upgrade for the Note if it does in fact come to T-Mobile! (:

  • if tmobile actually gets the galaxy note i might actually stick with them instead of kicking them to the curb. now maybe they need to work on their customer service because i’ve had nothing but bad customer service with them.

    • Fuschiajo4

      Their cust serv used to be the best in the biz, but they did the fatal outsourcing and it screwed them up. A store sup said they have seen the error of their ways and r regrouping. when u call ask for the reps I.D. number in case u have to follow up.

  • Ms Mccorma

    I want the Samsung Galaxy Note, but would hate to leave T-Mobile for AT&T? Any ideas when it will be available to T-Mobile? I would hate to switch, but I really want the phone…

  • Jim Jiang

    Im like 90% sure (a guestamate, no evidence) But its has to lauch late Q2, as Samasung confirmed the Note update to ICS coming during q2, so it would probably lauch with that update, or a tad later.

  • have one now EDGE only love to sell n buy tmob

  • have the INT Mod now will sell asap for a tmob!!!

  • Kendrick Grey

    I’m really hoping T-Mobile gets this phone. I’m an Android fan, and this phablet just looks like perfection. I need to this phone like nobody’s business, so come one, T-Mobile, make us all proud.

  • Jodykeenejackson

    I sure am getting one. I went to an AT&T store to check it out and I’m in love! I have long nails and using my finger pads is challenging to the point of frustration. I can’t wait to be able to use a stylus on a screen that is worth its weight in gold. come on T-Mobile and get this show on the road.

  • Gizmo

    YES!! I am so excited as I actually like like the NOTE more then the S3! Been waiting forever for it to come out on TMobile! Been asking the sales people but they don’t have any idea! So I’m really hoping this is true!

  • — Pretty’OG [$$$) <3

    I wana kno why is cricKet getting the iPhone and not tmobile ?

  • Ms Mccorma

    RE: What are your thoughts? Is T-Mobile back on track? Will you be picking up a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note when available?

    I can tell you for certain, if T-Mobile doesn’t get the Samsung Galaxy Note soon, I’m seriously considering jumping ship and going over to AT&T just to get that phone…you have no idea!! I actually despise AT&T (Their CS sux!)

  • seawrap

    I’m soooo waiting on the Note… I NEED it… and if T-mobile doesnt hurry up… as bas as I would hate it… I my have to cross over to ATT… I have been holding off on my upgrade for this phone…

  • Melissa0316

    I can’t wait, please let this come out quicker!

  • tmobile will officially carry the galaxy note as of july 11th 2012

  • Mrena

    I was getting ready to transfer my service over to ATT just for the Note but I spoke with an agent from T-Mobile on Friday, June 29th, and she informed me they will be receiving the Note sometime around July 11th. No need to transfer my service now. I just hope they offer it cheaper than ATT does.

  • spitfire

    I agree as soon as T-mobile releases the Note I’m there!!!!

  • mike

    I just hope this is so true cuase I really Want this phone asap

  • Ron dambach

    Iam waiting so get it out now.please