T-Mobile plans to become the 3rd largest carrier in the US by the end of 2014

by: William Neilson JrAugust 8, 2014


Ever since John Legere took over at T-Mobile, they have been on the rise. Just last weeks ago, T-Mobile continued to rank as the fastest growing wireless carrier in the US.

Now, T-Mobile is planning to overtake Sprint as the 3rd largest wireless carrier in the US (per subscribers) by the end of the year. In a tweet yesterday (alerted to us by ReCode), John Legere bragged about his goal of over-taking Sprint in 2014.


Just the other day, T-Mobile announced that they are now ahead of  Sprint as the largest wireless provider for prepaid customers.

Then again, T-Mobile may not need to do much if they want to pass Sprint in 2014 as customers continue to leave Sprint in large numbers. In fact, Sprint is the only major US carrier still struggling with financial ($151 million) and subscriber (364,000 pre-paid and 231,000 valuable postpaid customers) losses due to terrible service and a rather bleak-to-average looking future.



  • Remy Ortiz

    Sprint’s best chance to stay strong was to merge with T-Mobile. I think they dropped the ball on trying to dig through the regulatory mess to merge.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      Ughhh rumors from unknown sources.

  • kld2009

    Wow. And they may do it too.

  • Michael Pitts

    Get that ass T-Mobile :)

  • Heimrik

    I think T-Mobile is smarter than they’re letting on. They know that Sprint is dying and agreed to their desperate attempt to merge with T-Mobile but T-Mobile knows regulators would never allow it just like they wouldnt allow the ATT merger. T-Mobile just took advantage of Sprints desperation and therefore agreed to a doomed merger in order to gain another free Billion dollar fail fee.

    • Keg Man

      Did they get free money this time too? I didn’t read about it for this deal.

      • Heimrik

        No, I think Sprint backed out before it went to a final regulator decision. If it had gone for final approval and then failed the regulator decision, THEN Sprint would have to pay the 1 Billion dollar fail fee to T-Mobile…

        • Arturo Raygoza

          You “think” sprint backed out, keyword think. And your entire post comes from a rumor from an unknown source 5th hand.

          Please don’t post rumors, leave that to android authority and the likes.

          • Heimrik

            No, I’ll admit you could be right but with this being so late in the game, I just can’t see these companies pulling a shady “under the table” merger with it already getting so much attention when it was in the spotlight. And even IF the recent merger lull is all a ruse, I’m still quite confident Fed regulators will deny it. And stop acting so damn cocky… Ugh…

          • vijay


          • Arturo Raygoza

            Its not under the table, its still on the table. That is my point.

  • crutchcorn

    I love John Legere

  • Arturo Raygoza

    When I see stuff like this, (sprint going broke) it makes me sad, then I remember how shitty their service is and then I’m like hell yeah! Let the free market burn them at the stake.

  • kg2105

    Kind of surprised T-mobile isn’t 3rd largest already, Sprint is a joke. T-mobile is still way behind Verizon/At&t but they are doing good things and moving in the right direction. Also glad the merger with Sprint didn’t take place, Sprint probably would have found a way to screw up T-mobile’s progress, then both would have crashed and burned. Definitely important that T-mobile stays competitive for consumers, Verizon/At&t abuse their power too much as it is.

  • Rickrau5

    And ppl call tmob irrelevant. Lawls.


    Well T-Mobile will definitely gain plenty of customers in Ashland Ohio. Edge network just upgraded to 4G LTE in and around Ashland.