T-Mobile offers unlimited 4G no contract data plan starting with January 9

by: Varun RajJanuary 6, 2013

t-mobile-unlimited plan

T-Mobile is getting ready to offer unlimited 4G no-contract data plans in the U.S., although it’s not the LTE kind of 4G plans we’re talking about here. The existing $70 Unlimited text/talk and 5GB data plan will be replaced with the $70 Unlimited data, text and talk plan and users will be able to upgrade to the new plan from January 9.

The fourth largest U.S. mobile operator, T-Mobile made this smart move as it understands that smartphones have become an essential part of users’ lives. They look for utiltiy and entertainment on their devices and look for hi-speed data services.

The carrier promises full HSPA+ speeds all month long to users so that they can enjoy streaming videos/music/movies, video calls and online gaming. The new unlimited plan has the potential to offer an amazing experience to T-Mobile subscribers who are always using their smartphones for online-related activities and do not want their phone bills to burn a hole in their pockets.

Not to mention that it will also make users waiting for Nexus 4 from the Play Store more excited and anxious to get their smartphones.

  • Yep. If this includes tethering, I’m down. Time to buy a used Galaxy Nexus to get rid of my G2X and tether it for my Acer Iconia A700.

  • mali

    Zay use fox fi

  • Timothy

    @ zay stylin it does not include tethering, that is a add on service for an extra $15 a month but there is a work around that if you root your phone and install a custom rom you should be able to tether without the add on service. T-mobile has there stock phone roms set to know the difference but with the custom rom they will not know. I have did it and it works great.

    • patrick

      I concur, or you can buy an unlocked nexus from google and get pdanet app to tether without rooting your device and your warranty! actually pdanet is only necessary when tethering to a windows operating system, I have UBUNTU 12.04,which is free, on my laptop. I just turn on hotspot feature on device, and Tmobile cant stop tethering, but they and all carries make sufficient attempts with windows os. Dont buy their devices with firmware which prevents tethering.

  • Guest

    And what happened to the $50/month unlimited plan?

  • hey wait

    IMPORTANT: Not only does the $70 NOT include tethering, if you opt to pay the extra $15 to get tethering (for a total of $85), it no longer is unlimited…rather they throttle you to 2G speeds onces you get over 5GB. That blows. With that option, I dropped this plan and switched to solavei. Now I pay 50 bux a month for unlimited, but with a throttle at 4GB. Since this a new company, they are lazy and did not throttle me last month when I went over 4gb. And they run on the tmobile network. Cool.

    • John

      My nexus 4 is in the mail and I’ve been considering Solavei..tethering too? Wow.. Do you still use them? How’s billing & customer service? Thanks.