T-Mobile Note 3 arrives for $0 down for a “limited time” – same offer extends to LG G2, Note 2 and Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushOctober 2, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black S pen stylus aa 6

Today’s the big day! The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear have landed in the United States, at least if you’re interested in picking them up through T-Mobile. Even better news, T-Mobile is currently offering the Note 3 for $0 down for a “limited time”, with the same offer extending to the Note 2, Galaxy S4 and LG G2.

Obviously paying zero down for the Note 3 means that your monthly payments will be a bit higher at $29.50 for 24 months, but that could be perfect for those that would rather pay a little more later and save on the upfront costs. As you might remember, the standard pricing for the T-Mobile Note 3 is $199 down with 24 monthly payments of $21.

The Note 3 is available in jet black or classic white and can be picked up in-stores or online. As for the Gear, the smartwatch will set you back $299.99 and comes in jet black, oatmeal beige or wild orange.

If you have been thinking about making the jump to T-Mobile, their latest promotion certainly could prove to be the perfect opportunity. If you’re holding out for the Note 3 on a different carrier, your next chance will be with AT&T and Sprint on the 4th of October.

If you still aren’t sure whether the Note 3 and/or Galaxy Gear are right for you, you will want to check out our full Note 3 review and our recent Galaxy Gear hands-on footage:

So how about it, anyone planning on picking up the Note 3 (or maybe the LG G2?) while the zero down promotion is in effect? For those wondering when the promo will end, T-Mobile doesn’t say for sure.

Odds are that this promotion won’t be around for long, so if you are interested, you’ll want to jump on it right away!

  • Lin

    Plus if you sign up for the Jump! coverage you get a free upgrade every 6 months, so when the Note 4 comes out about this time next year you can apply your payments to a new phone.

  • aznmode1

    I guess it’s good if you don’t have $199 up front but you still end up paying $700 for the phone after 24 months.

  • George Av

    in the UK i always get my phone for free with £31 a month with decent data and stuff. Don’t know why you americans have to pay $199 and then $29.99 a month after!

    • Fitzgerald42

      because we’re just overflowing with cash from end to end unlike ‘you’ limeys

      • George Av

        No it’s because America is corrupt as fuck! and hey, we still have a working government! PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your carriers are just money thieving cunts. :)

        • Fitzgerald42

          Guess they don’t teach humor in your shitty, raping you blind, country. Of course, you sound like you live on mommy’s dollar so you wouldn’t know about income taxes. But there it is, such the queen’s labia you halfwit

          • No. I’m not even mad at him. He’s right. America is corrupt and the carriers are overcharging us. Somewhere along the lines the “land of opportunity” changed to the “land in which you can get anything you want as long as you’re selfish and screw everyone over.”

            I love my country so much -_-

          • Fitzgerald42

            his country is no better. i guess because they never dangle opportunity there, they never get let down

          • George Av

            I’m guessing you’re that fat american than lives in Detroit? eating pizza and drinking kool aid, Lul We don’t have city’s that look worse than Syria!

          • Fitzgerald42

            yeah you do, it’s a country of grey and rain and your cities are all horrendous. so you keep eating your meatpies and being the equally fat yet toothless brit. your worldly empire has shrunk to something smaller than california, lookin good

          • George Av

            I think you’re forgetting the course of history you brainless yank. You wouldn’t be in america if US bitts hadn’t invaded and claimed the land. Also Your version off English is simplified because most of you are to dumb to understand traditional English.

          • Fitzgerald42

            yes, you are obviously an intellectual. all one must do is point at your lack of knowledge on anything discussed, cover it in souless lol’s and wash it down with a full glass of stupidity.
            all anyone really sees in you is failure. but keep posting, it’s amusing

          • George Av

            You’re the one that everyone is going “lol” at You are a bad example of your beloved country, You’re the standard issue american, loves a country that he knows nothing about, everything costs a shit tonne (i know i’ve been to miami and £5 is like $9) Your government – that you suck dick for is corrupt and always promoting violence in middle eastern country’s, and always wants a excuse rain war down on syria. Again as a excuse to get into their oil reserves.

            You represent the low life of America, and too all other non idiotic americans (That doesn’t include you) I ain’t gonna complain about you since half of ya are normal yanks :)

  • Mohammed

    I dont see the benefit here
    Either you pay 21 $ for 24 with 199 for the phone or you pay nothing for the phone but you pay like 8 $ more each month for 24 months so that 192 $ more so basically you are paying 192 $ instead of 199 $ . Still compare to France , that so cheap

    • Bone

      Only it’s $299 on two-year therefore you’re $107 better this way.

    • Timmy

      Um, not sure about that math there Sparky.

      No payment option = $0 + ($29.50 x 24 mo) = $708
      Pay $199 + ($21 x 24 mo = $504) = $703

  • Tuấn Ankh

    You will end up paying the same amount. The T-mobile “uncarrier” gimmick works well for people who don’t have money up front and people who don’t do math. $0 down or not, you will still pay the freaking same amount, so why would anyone get excited about this???
    But then I guess it’s a different story when you combine this with JUMP!. I don’t even bother cuz I don’t upgrade that usually.

  • I just bought the Note and had no idea about this promotion. The TMobile lady said “because of your plan there is no down payment” so I just assumed I was being rewarded for being such a loyal customer for so many years or that she made a mistake. Either way, I kept my mouth shut and nodded in agreement. What a great surprise as I thought it was a $300 down payment. And with the Jump program, I’ll be paying even less for it the sooner I trade it in (if there’s even a phone that’s worth trading it in for)!