T-Mobile Nexus 5 launches online for $449.99, only 16GB model available

by: Chris SmithNovember 14, 2013

Google Nexus 5 black aa 16

T-Mobile has kicked off Nexus 5 sales on its website, at a time the handset is not exactly available any more from Google’s Play Store (or at least the version the carrier is selling).

As previously announced, the T-Mobile Nexus 5 retails for $449.99, a full $100 more than the phone’s starting price in the Play Store – we’re looking at the 16GB model here.

T-Mobile offers Nexus 5 buyers the possibility of paying for the handset in 24 installments of $17 each, after a $41.99 up front fee.

The carrier insisted a few days ago that it’s not pocketing the extra $100, and that buyers will pay for the full price when purchasing the handset, thus implying that Google is subsidizing the device.

However, the 32GB model of the handset is not available from T-Mobile. We’ll also note that the white Nexus 5 is also unavailable from the carrier. These models can still be purchased from the Play Store, even though you’ll have to wait a few weeks to get some of them.

T-Mobile Nexus 5

In case you don’t want to wait for Google to ship you a Nexus 5, you can always get it from T-Mobile (or from Sprint for that matter, which has it even cheaper, but bundled with new two-year contracts), even though that means paying an extra $100 for the handset.

Have you purchased your Nexus 5 yet? Are you buying it from T-Mobile? Don’t forget to check out our full review of the handset available here!

  • Michael Long

    Bought it this morning and says it won’t get to me until the 28th. Hopefully that changes because I want it now.

    • Philip Arnason

      It’s a great phone, you will not be disappointed.

      • Amenofe

        What’s your experience with the camera so far? Does anybody know to what extent the camera on the LG G2 trumps the camera
        on the Nexus 5?

        • sluflyer06

          Gobs of information out there by doing a web search. Lot and lots of side-by-side pics.

    • miko

      thats like 2 years in phone years.


      Should have gone to the store. I know it will not be available til the 20th in the store but that would have been 8 days earlier….

  • Harsh Patel

    Not interested….

  • moshe

    buy it from the play store for 350$ unlocked

    • NeedName

      out of stock

      • APai

        just a bit of patience needed.

  • solstice1221

    Yikes! I paid $448 for my 32GB model from the GooglePlay store. And that’s with California Sales Tax and 2-Day Shipping.

    • MadCowOnAStick

      Lol, I chose 3-5 day shipping for the 16 GB and got like $386 (also California Sales Tax)

      • solstice1221

        I was a little anxious to get mine that’s why I sprung for the 2 day air. But my Nexus arrived in just 4 days so I’m happy. But I probably won’t spring for the Priority shipping again if I ever buy another Nexus.

        • MadCowOnAStick

          ahaha mine arrives tomorrow and I ordered it on 10/31… because of the order processing time :/

  • APai

    “carrier insisted a few days ago that it’s not pocketing the extra $100”

  • Jake

    What a rip off!

    • Anthonydotcom

      How so? It’s still cheaper than any other premium flagship phone out there, even at this non-subsidized price. You have to remember that the $350 playstore price is subsidized by google, and it’s out of stock. For $49 out the door, that’s actually not that bad.

      • Jake

        wrong. Google didn’t.
        The BOM is about USD200

  • RanRu

    Is there some reason T-Mobile couldn’t be buying Nexus 5s for the Play Store price the same way customers can?

  • Guest


  • Guest