T-Mobile Nexus 4 out of stock… again

January 25, 2013
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    Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Nexus 4 is out of stock. I’m not talking about the Google Play Store, which is one place you still can’t buy the device from no matter how hard Google and LG are working to pump out more devices.

    I’m talking about T-Mobile, the fourth largest carrier in the U.S. and the only one that stocks Google’s fourth-gen Nexus. Well, it doesn’t stock it anymore as it has sold it out again, but in theory, it’s the only U.S. carrier selling the handset from time to time.

    Just a few days ago we told you that T-Mobile stores were receiving Nexus 4 stock, but it looks like the new units ran out almost as fast as they came in. We have no idea when the handset will be back in stock with the mobile operator, but we’re certainly keeping our ear to the ground for more news.

    Meanwhile, if you’re going to Canada and/or Korea soon, you may be able to pick one up from Fido and Videotron, and SK Telecom and Korea Telecom, respectively.


    • Chris

      ok ok ok we get it! it’s an on and off situation but thank you :)

    • 750,000+ already

      it’s back online in the T-Mobile stock with an IN STOCK message

    • 750,000+ already

      As of January 22nd, the 752,000th device have been produced according to XDA-Developers poster who poke the serial number on LG database.

      October: 70,000 devices produced
      November: 90,000
      Dec: 210,000
      January: on track for 550,000+ (385,000 as of January 22nd)

      Which mean that LG is ramping up production in a very big way. But it could take up to 14-20 days from getting from production line to your house.

      Example from post #338 on XDA-Developers [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification thread

      Bought: 19-01-2013 (MediaMarkt Germany webshop)
      Received: 22-01-2012
      S/N 301K (Korea, January 2013) 413xxx
      HW version: rev_11

      it was the 413,xxx Nexus 4 produced (around January 3-4th). Which took about 17-18 days to deliver to Germany

      January 2013

      375110 2-th AUS8BK
      377110 3-th ASFRBK
      381110 2-th ASFRBK
      385110 3-th AGBRBK GBR “UNITED KINGDOM” – a new retailer? Play store was a AUKGBK
      390110 3-th AUSGBK
      395110 4-th AUSGBK
      399110 3-th ATMOBK
      400110 4-th AUSGBK
      406110 4-th AUSGBK
      419110 5-th AUSGBK
      420110 6-th ADEGBK
      422110 6-th ADEGBK
      423110 5-th ATMOBK
      430110 5-th ATMOBK
      435110 5-th ATMOBK

      445110 9-th ATMOBK
      450110 9-th ATMOBK
      451110 8-th ANEUBK “EUROPE OPEN” – something new
      455110 8-th ANEUBK
      456110 8-th ACAGBK CANADA_OPEN
      461110 8-th ATMOBK
      463110 8-th ADEGBK
      465110 8-th ADEGBK
      467110 9-th ADEGBK
      469110 9-th ADEGBK
      471110 9-th ATMOBK
      474110 9-th ATMOBK
      476110 9-th ATMOBK
      479110 9-th AUS8BK
      482110 9-th ATMOBK
      485110 10-th AUKGBK “UNITED KINGDOM_OPEN”
      487110 10-th AUKGBK
      489110 10-th AUKGBK
      491110 10-th AAVCBK VIDEOTRON – seems to be a Canadian telco?
      493110 10-th ADEUBK
      495110 10-th ADEUBK
      497110 10-th AISRBK
      499500 10-th AUKGBK
      502035 11-th AUSGBK
      507035 11-th AUSGBK
      512035 11-th AUS8BK
      513035 11-th AUS8BK

    • Gabriel Gagnon

      You guys totally stole the image from Videotron, Quebec’s largest operator. Not even related to T-Mobile!

    • vivek

      guys its back in stock again