T-Mobile expands Nexus 4 availability in its stores

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 17, 2013

nexus 4

Still trying to get to the end of the Nexus 4 rainbow? We told you earlier in the week that T-Mobile is planning to stock more units of the Nexus 4 this week. Now, the carrier has announced that it’s expanding the availability of the flagship Nexus phone to its entire stores.

According to the announcement, T-Mo has restocked the Nexus 4 in select retail locations since yesterday, but it’ll take a few weeks for the device to show up on all of its store shelves across the country. It’s best to call up your local store if you don’t want to go home disappointed.

If you don’t feel like making the trip to their brick-and-mortar stores, you can snag the Nexus 4 from T-Mo’s website starting from January 23. The N4 is selling for the same price of $199 with a contract, while getting it unsubsidized means shelling out $499.

Anyone managed to score some N4? Hoping to get one soon? Let us know in the comments below.

  • brian

    i want two N4, one for me, the other for selling ebay~

  • Al Chandler

    I would not get the N4 from anyone but Google. Lets not forget the Verizon GNEX

  • Ben

    I got mine on Tuesday this week from T-Mobile it only took them a month

  • It’s selling for $299 + patience on Google Play. No way would I pay $499 lol