T-Mobile Moto X (XT1053) apparently spotted with the FCC

by: Chris SmithJuly 26, 2013

Rogers Moto X video leak

After an earlier rumor suggested that T-Mobile might miss out on the Moto X, as a deal with Motorola wasn’t reportedly in place, recently discovered FCC documentation seems to reveal the T-Mobile Moto X version.

However, nothing is official at this time, and we’re yet to find out whether the carrier will have the Moto X in stock later this year.

Model number XT1053 is believed to be T-Mobile’s Moto X version, and it’s the fifth alleged Moto X version seen at the FCC. Before the XT1053, we’ve seen similarly codenamed devices arrive at the FCC, including the XT1055 (U.S. Cellular), the XT1056 (Sprint, the XT1058 (AT&T) and the XT1060 (Verizon).

The XT1053 comes with support for T-Mobile’s bands including AWS HSPA+ and LTE. From the looks of it, the device also supports LTE bands 2 and 17, which means it could run on AT&T’s network. Engadget points out that the FCC documents also reveal Wi-Fi ac support.

The Moto X is by now the worst kept secret ever – and that looks pretty much like a marketing strategy to us – but the rumors and leaks will soon reach an end, as the device will be finally made official on August 1.

  • Paul

    Hope the rumor came out yesterday before I gave up waiting and bought a HTC One. I like my One, but it would be better if I could compare these 2.

  • TeeJay1100

    This thing really looks good!! Wow

  • chris


  • needa

    this will be the model i want. i am ready to switch net10 sims and give tmo a try. the wifi calling/texting is a huge selling point to me. and if their coverage sucks, which it shouldnt in my area, i can always go back to my att sim.

  • Noel

    Many won’t be able to resist the power and charm of the Moto X…it is beautiful, powerful, affordable, customizable, runs almost PURE Android and YES it is made in the USA. You heard it here first…thats a powerful slogan for you Motorola n Google. Waiting for my check in the mail : ).

  • Jeff Weatherup

    I literally just cheered out loud at reading this!! I’ve been waiting so long for the Moto X, and I need it to be on T-Mobile! T-M, if this is true, you are my hero, and Motorola will have my money the moment this thing is available!!

    • Noel

      Yup even if by some small chance Tmo doesn’t carry it…this model will likely be sold unlocked at the play store for use on either Tmobile or Att. Let’s hope it is priced well enuf to draw in all the fence sitters.