T-Mobile Moto X to be available only from the Google Play Store?

August 29, 2013
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    Moto X

    A leaked image seems to suggest that the T-Mobile Moto X version will be available only from the Google Play Store, although nothing is official just yet.

    TmoNews has posted a purported T-Mobile screenshot that says the Moto X will be launched via “Google Play only,” with the actual launch date still “TBD” – to be decided. Pricing details for the handset aren’t mentioned either.

    We’re not necessarily surprised by such news, considering that T-Mobile did say from the start that its Moto X version will be available directly from Motorola. But it’s certainly interesting to hear that the T-Mobile Moto X will be available from the Gogole Play Store.

    If there’s one Moto X version that we expect to see in there, it’s the Google Play Edition Moto X model that’s yet to be launched.

    Since unveiling the Moto X, Motorola made sure potential buyers knew that T-Mobile will not sell the handset in its own stores, or at least not right away – currently the phone is available from AT&T and Verizon only, and will hit Sprint and U.S. Cellular as well.

    T-Mobile Moto X

    But a Moto X with support for T-Mobile’s bands has hit the FCC before the phone’s announcement, and we’ve even seen support pages set up for the T-Mobile Moto X. So T-Mobile subscribers will definitely get their chance of buying a Moto X; it’s just not clear how that will happen.


    • Marcus Thomas

      So, in other words, T-Mobile customers just have to buy the phone unlocked from Play.

    • http://yellowrex.com YellowRex

      Fine with me. I await the release date and price with baited breath.

    • baoyi201