T-Mobile outs second LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean update with ‘security enhancements’

by: David GonzalesJuly 12, 2013

An Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software update was first rolled out to users of the LG Optimus L9 a few months ago, and then a month after that, T-Mobile did its own official software release. But that wasn’t the last of those updates, apparently.

T-Mobile recently released yet another Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software update for users of the Optimus L9, this time to bring the software up to version “P76920f” and with added “security enhancements” that are sure to be useful, especially in times like these. The update works on devices running the Android 4.1.2 (from the previous update) as well as Android 4.0.4 software.

The new update is available as an OTA (over-the-air) software download, which can be started simply by going to the Optimus L9’s Settings menu and checking for System Updates. From what we can tell, this update won’t bring a ton of changes. But if you’re keen to get it on your own device anyway, you can find out more about it — along with instructions on how to update to it — on the T-Mobile Support web site, linked to as a source down below.

  • jake from statefarm

    I’m still having problems with the wi-fi why didn’t they fix it?

    • gonga

      I can’t even get the new one

  • Justin

    Yeah…this phone has been the worst update experience I’ve ever encountered. I can’t tell if it’s Tmo or LG. I’m not terribly concerned, i’m running 20d rooted and debloated and having no problems so I’m not real concerned with 20f – just thought I’d check for the update for kicks but lo and behold, it’s nowhere to be found. OEMs and carriers will never catch on I guess.

    • Joe Hawthorne

      hey im trying to root my l9 and im having issues finding the right method…can u halp me out plz? my number is 9163073990 my name is joe

  • Garo.j

    My LG l9 performance has improved significantly. Longer battery life and the WIFI issues have improved
    Dramatically. I recommend that other l9
    Owners should download this update right away!!!

    • anwar

      how should i upgrade… while updating for new softeware… it is showing as updating…….. for a long period… but there is no results found… can u plz help me…?

      • jose

        Go into settings and check update device.
        Then press ok.you should get your update within minutes.