T-Mobile LG G5 customers getting free LG Battery Bundle and LG 360 for a limited time

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 18, 2016


Looking to buy a brand new LG G5? It’s one of the hottest phones right now, and you will be able to buy it from T-Mobile on April 1st, with pre-orders starting March 29th. But T-Mobile is not quite sure you are convinced to buy it, so they are throwing in some freebies for anyone who purchases the modular handset soon enough.

You will have to act quickly if you want in on these deals, though.

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Free LG Battery Bundle

The LG G5 continues to be one of the few high-end handsets that still offer a removable battery. It’s one of its hottest features, so T-Mobile is taking advantage of its hype.


The free LG Battery Bundle includes a free 2,800 mAh battery and a docking station for charging said battery. It’s an $80 value, which proves to be a good deal in and of itself. Just purchase the LG G5 before April 17th and you will qualify for this offer.

Free LG 360 camera

Remember the LG 360 VR camera? It was announced at MWC 2016, and it’s not cheap at $200. It seems like a great addition to your mobile repertoire, though. Especially if you want to be vreating 360-degree content. Well, it can be yours for free if you buy the LG G5 from T-Mobile before April 5th.


Of course, this deal will only last a few days after the phone launches (it is a $200 camera, after all). And T-Mobile’s blog post does specify the offer is only available “while supplies last”.

Are you buying?

Who is signing up? That’s plenty of freebies to be had just for buying a phone. If I was on T-Mobile looking to get a new high-end device, these deals would certainly push me over the fence to get an LG G5.

  • Alex P.

    Am I buying? Hell no. LG basically confirms that the battery life will be pretty average (or worse) by including this extra battery + the charging station for it and I don’t like the idea of carrying extra, bulky accessories (like extra battery) in general or waste my nightstand/desk’s surface area with that “docking station”. I’d rather have a phone with a “stock” large capacity battery and the more convenient options to charge such phone (such as by simply placing it on Qi pad embedded in my car) ;-)

    Same goes for external 360 camera – regardless of its retail value it has a $0 value to me and I highly doubt that I can re-sell it to anyone for $200 or even 1/10’s of that price.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      That’s not confirming anything LG does these promos whenever they launch a new handset it’s just a nice deal. Battery benchmarks indicate the G5 lasts just as long as the S7 with the added benefit of it bring removable and with Quick Charge 3.0.

      • Ronald

        And that was a pre-production unit, the finalized G5 will probably smoke the S7

    • Leigh Conner

      I have the LG G4. It too had the free battery promotion. I am someone who sticks with phones which have swappable batteries as I am a very heavy user of both talking on the phone and using the camera. I can say that the G4 proves your point wrong. It had quite good battery life.
      And the docking station is nothing more than a small charger that you can charge the battery on without having to charge it on the phone. It connects to the USB cable the same way the phone does so will not take up any space on your nightstand unless you want it too.

    • Nez Alarcon

      LG was benchmarked that it has the same battery lifespan with s7 but higher in some performance. I think you should do ur research first.

    • sdelfin

      Nothing is confirmed until the phone is in people’s hands. The included battery is a good marketing tactic to show people who don’t follow tech but want a high-end phone that one SD820 phone has a swappable battery while other SD820 phones do not. Perhaps the G5’s battery life will be lackluster(though I doubt that based on early tests), but that remains to be seen.

      As for usage, I like the idea of having tremendous battery life and the option to swap a battery. Even large batteries can die. No solution is perfect. I bring a power bank with me occasionally. Compared to that, having a spare battery is easier. But that is not something I need too often.

  • Lorenzo Paul

    I am struggling to understand the G5 hate. Other than looks, 200maH, and waterproofing the “phone” has the exact same specs as a S7. You can get the modules if you want, BUT you do not have to buy them if you don’t want them! Throw in the fact that it is less expensive, and the arguments against the phone become even more ridiculous. I might get the G5, but unlike the crazy “haters”, I would like to see a real review of the phone and the actual retail features before spouting off on the net.

    • Major Sceptic

      No disrespect intended, but, same specs between brands don’t mean much, you can put a Corvette engine in a VW beetle, that’s doesn’t make it a Corvette , they are very different devices.
      While the gadgets for the G5 probably work well, the S7 is a refined version of the S6 which was already a good device, and Samsung has done a pretty good job of making the device very good across the board without gadgets.
      I like gadgets too, but even with them how much extra value are they going to give you over the galaxy ? I’m thinking not a terrible lot in everyday use.

      • thegnu

        Personally, I hate Samsung phones. I think TouchWiz is awful. I had an s6 active, and it was slower than my G2 because of all the bloatware, and the battery life was awful.

        If I set an alarm with ok Google, it didn’t show up in the alarms list, so I couldn’t edit or delete it, and someone who had an s5 told me they had the same issue.

        Not knocking Samsung per se, but I’ve personally had much better experience with LG, and i prefer them. Hell, my LG motion was a low power budget device and i was very happy with it.

        • Johnny Dwyer

          Yeah I have to agree! I owned many Samsung devices and had issues with everyone of them. I’m all about performance and Samsung has yet to meet good standards in that department. Note2, Note3, and Note5, lag and continuous bug issues. If great performance is not a issue for you the Note5 is a good phone otherwise.

        • Major Sceptic

          As you say it depends on your experience you have had. I had a note 2 international model, it was great phone, also a note 4 which I’m now using as we speak, the note4 took a bit of tweaking out of the box , but it’s also been great device, i prefer it to the 6p which i also have but to each his own.

      • T4rd

        I hope you aren’t insinuating that the G5 is like a Beetle compared to a Corvette (GS7). If you’re going to use cars as an analogy, know your cars at least and do it properly. If you want to keep the Corvette in the analogy, the G5 can be the Corvette and the GS7 can be a CTS-V. They both essentially have the same engine and drive train and similar performance, they’re just for slightly different markets.

        • Major Sceptic

          No i was not calling the ģ5 a beetle, just trying to make a point that despite having similar components they are very different..
          I have a note 4 and a 6p , both have the same resolution samsung screens, both are very nice screens, but the way they are implemented into the device is different, the whites on the 6p look Greyer , the screen is about 20% brighter on the note, but still both beautiful screens, but
          You see what i mean , similar components different tune to suit different manufacturer if i can use another car anology.

    • Airyl

      Because it’s ugly as fuff.

      • Mark Mann

        bad looks does not a bad phone make

      • Adele

        Ignorant troll detected !

    • Chad Bernier

      You are missing the most important feature, removable battery. This is the main reason i bought a G4. When you are out travelling, leaving the house or hotel at 9am, not coming back until midnight, you use the phone way more then normal. Constantly using gps, posting pictures, maybe some tethering, it’s non-stop. I go through two whole battery charges on travel days. Its inconvient to have to take a break in your day to charge it, or carry around a mobile charger and have to hook that up. Its much nicer to just carry a second battery.

    • Ivan Budiutama

      not really, the only reason for loud G5 hate is simply because the brand and the fact that fanboys are extremely loud to hate something they don’t worship.

      I personally like the modular, it may (or may not) cut the price significantly while still give people with money to own the better “feature”s without making the phone too expensive for people without the need for additional module. I think the idea by itself is great.

      The battery module, spare, and the external charger by itself already sold me. (yeah, I intended to get those) But I think I will see how the review and official price that is.

    • Mark Mann

      but the g5 doesn’t say samsung on it

      • T4rd

        It doesn’t have an Apple logo on it either.. double whammy! =p

    • Ronald

      G5 has USB type C with QC 3.0 and an IR Blaster, S7 only has QC 2.0 support no IR Blaster

  • T_Durden

    Just don’t buy the phone because of the free stuff; buy the phone that you want and consider the free stuff as bonus. So for the people that wants the G5, buy early and you get the bonus battery and camera. If you don’t like the G5, just don’t buy it. Why all the bashing for the free stuff?

  • vampyren

    I will buy this over s7 edge just because of the removable battery. Also the memory management is still crap on s7. Watched a clip on how the phone got slower when stress testing. And finally the exynos model coming to EU is said to be a freaking 30% slower compared to Qualcomms. So yeah I prefer the G5 any day.

  • jasonlowr

    No way. While I can enjoy using my s7 edge with heavy usage and still left 20% at 9pm. Why would I want an extra battery to carry around and to swap? More moving parts- shorter phone life span.

    No way in hell I’ll get the G5.

    • tomascooper

      Even LG themselves acknowledged that this phone has a terrible battery life by giving out the free battery. Lol.

      • Leigh Conner

        Totally ridiculous statement. The G4 also had a free battery promotion and had excellent battery life. In fact, some of the benchmarks shows the G5 getting about the same battery life as the S7. Can’t remember if it was Android Pit or Greenbot or another site, but was benchmarked having just a 10 second difference in battery life compared to the S7.

        • LightCucumber

          I’ve had an international G4 but had to return it as battery life was bad. Worse than my iphone 6. Storage encryption and low cellular signal was the culprit. I would dare say that battery management on iphones are far superior than android (excluding phablets as they have ridiculously huge batteries) . I like android interface, control and tweaks but I really wish they had better battery performance.

      • sdelfin

        Hardly. Perhaps that will turn out to be true, but until official reviews are out and the phone is in customer hands, it’s mere speculation. Including a second battery, however, is an effective way to demonstrate to potential customers who walk into a carrier store and don’t read up on specs and features that the G5 has a unique feature among high-end phones that might matter to them. Samsung’s removal of that feature may have cost them a bit with the S6, but that’s hard to say.

        • Leigh Conner

          I don’t think it’s hard to say it hurt sales of the S6. Sales of the S6 were FAR below expectations. And when you consider that a lot of S4 owners bypassed the S5 because there was no compelling reason to upgrade to the S5 from the S4, sales of the S6 should have been through the roof. Samsung pushed a lot of customers away taking away those two features.

          • sdelfin

            I agree with you and the context you provided is very helpful. When I said “hard to say”, I meant that, at least from my perspective, it’s hard to say how much impact the battery specifically had on sales when they removed expandable storage at the same time. It could be that the SD card mattered a lot more to potential customers than the battery, but I’m sure the battery had some impact.

      • Mark Mann

        i dunno…i have the v10, which had a free battery/sd card promo, and i get almost 40 hours out of a single charge

    • Vickytan

      Lg is obviously trying very hard to be “innovative “. But they just want to be different for the sake of being different. This is a bad designed phone for sure.

      • T_Durden

        I know right. So much for “innovative”. All Samsung needed to do just take away water resistance and micro-sd support in the S6 and add it back in the S7; now that’s innovation.

        Not to the mention the curve glass !!! It looks absolutely beautiful and you can see the time on that edge !!! It’s so innovative that Samsung even put them on the back of the phone as well !!! And no cases please, because it will block this innovative curve glass’s beauty. After all, it’s just a $800 phone that make with glass, so who need cases right?

        In fact, it’s so innovative that Samsung will sell the curve glass tech to all these Chinese third party brand so even the poor guys can have innovative phone that look just like the S7 edge. Thank you Samsung for trying so hard to be so innovative!

        • Vickytan

          Exactly, im glad that you know lg is nothing but shit. :)

        • Afraz Anosh

          Everyone should look to Apple. That one’s a real leader in the innovative department.

          • +

            You are idiot, go suck some dicks…

          • saksham

            GET OUTTA HERE

          • Slaughter

            Good one.

    • joelphan

      I dont care about the battery, but the back design of the G5 is just a whole new level of ugliness

      • 95% of phone buyers put ’em a case that makes sure the back never sees the light of day anyway… …plus looks OK to me. It’s a piece of utilitarian tech, not a reflection of my taste and social standing anyway…

        • jasonlowr

          Talking about cases. What case do I use after putting in my camera module? I can’t use the same case anymore? So, not only I have to bring my models around with me, but I have to bring different cases for different modules too? So should I actually bring a backpack with me just to make sure that I can enjoy all of my module for the g5? Even LG can’t come up a case for it at MWC themselves. What a shame.

    • Chad Bernier

      For those abnormal days like when out in a strange city and won’t be back until 2am. Imagine you were out drinking late in a strange city like new york. You would want a working phone to hail uber or look up directions back to your room, stuff like that.if I was costing new york, my battery would be dead by 5pm.

      • jasonlowr

        This is where the power saving and ultra power saving mode came into play. I bet even with an extra battery for the G5, it wouldn’t be as good as a fully charged s7 edge.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      Funny, you was the same guy talking shit about every other phone when Samsung had a removable battery. Now that they jumped on board with Apple and HTC it’s not a issue. Samsung fans are the biggest Hippocrates out there. Even when they made those cheap plastic phones that lagged for days you people would lie and say how great they were, lol

      • …or hypocrites… …unless they’re all ancient Greek doctors, haha…. :-D

    • sdelfin

      It’s not really moving parts in the traditional sense, like HDDs or optical drives that must spin to function, but it’s a fair point in that it is potentially a weak point of the phone. I suspect LG knew this and made sure it would be very durable, but only time will tell. The G5 would be a disaster if the dock wasn’t designed for the long haul. To your other points, the option to carry around a second battery is useful to some people in certain situations and is a good option to have. Great battery life and ability to change a battery do not have to be mutually exclusive. As for phone life span, if the dock is durable, the G5 will have a longer life span since you can pop in a factory-fresh battery whenever, while the S7 will be stuck using a battery with ever-diminishing capacity unless one is willing to attempt a teardown. That won’t matter to everyone, but it is a point in the G5’s favor in terms of lifespan.

      • Water resistance would’ve about sealed it for me, so to speak :-D

        But having had bad battery life experiences repeatedly on most of my devices – from laptops to cams to phones, despite following all the power management tips I can find, starting off with a free extra battery I can replace at will promises to make sure I’m not sweating my call time or facing a technician-done replacement when my next phone is hitting EOL in 2-3 years. Which, along with the triple free goodies and the fact I’m on T-Mob seems to have set me on a course to visit my local magenta outlet the day a first real review is posted if it passes muster.

        PS: Being cheap, I resisted the smart phone phenomenon for a good while and nursed my semi-smart LG Voyager 10000 (missing a letter or two or something there, whatever) for seven years, so I know LG knows (or knew) how to build stuffs that last…

  • Adrastos34

    I am mostly pretty excited to see what kind of third party options come out for the slot. The potential for some really cool stuff is there for sure. Love that it essentially has unlimited battery life with swapping.

  • saksham

    lg is a failure who thinks he can pass

  • Nez Alarcon

    Life’s Good to those who wait.
    I think those who are bashing the LG G5, are those who just already bought the s7 and jealous of what LG has to offer ^_^

  • mcdonsco

    Tying a pork chop to the collar ehh LG?

  • Ankit Kabeer

    Please do a full Xiaomi Mi5 review

  • Daggett Beaver

    No. Just. No.

  • Yogime

    That’s Bumper!

  • D. Duran

    I would rather have the physical camera module that adds the extra 1200mah and physical camera keys than that useless 360 camera. I’m sorry but the other camera button module has more practical use, I don’t care how much the 360 camera is “worth”, ya cool but not as useful or practical. Heck! Even a huge micro sd card would be better, I’m still enjoying my 200gb micro sd card in my V10!

    • Afraz Anosh

      Everything has a use for someone out there.

      • D. Duran

        Ya, a use but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s useful. The 360 camera is more of a gimmick than a practical accessory.

        • Afraz Anosh

          There are those of us who would like to create 360 degree video without buying a professional $60,000 rig…

  • Gary Timmons

    If it’s anything like the battery life on the V10, they should give you 3 batteries to get you through the day.

    I learned my lesson. As my hero W once said, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, won’t get fooled again.”

    You had your shot, LG and you blew it with this dog v10. Looks like it’s back to Samsung this fall when the Note 6 is released.

    • D. Duran

      I have the V10, I get a good and steady 10 hours use with full brightness, secondary display always on and Bluetooth connected to my smart watch. I use my phone heavily too, weird to hear someone complain about the battery life.

      • Gary Timmons

        I must have got a bad one from the get go, because I’m lucky to get 3 hours of OST with the brightness set to 30% (which negates the beauty of the display) and light to medium usage; no gaming, just simple browsing, texting, the occasional call. Making it through the day requires two rechargings when it gets down to around 30% charge. It does it with both the original battery and the free one I got for buying at launch.
        I even got the zerolemon 9,000 mA battery and that won’t last a full day.

        • D. Duran

          Ya, wow, sounds like you got a dud. That really sucks. I love Zerolemon and their battery cases, decided to skip on their new one for the V10 though, I was really looking forward to having an extended battery case with a belt clip like they did with the G3 but no dice. I would rather have the brick on my hip/belt than in my pocket weighing my pants down but that’s just me.

  • Dennis langston

    I’m returning my s7 edged to get the g5 I have way too many problems with the edges of the phone with accidental touches and launching things I don’t want launched so I will have the g5 the day it comes out

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Good troll u liar piece of shit

      • Ronald

        No had the same problem, plus got tired of wiping the phone off, it’s a finger print magnet. Also noticed stuttering and some lag, gone back to my Nexus 6P.

  • Adele

    Take my money LG !

  • Adele

    The G5 is beautiful

  • Adele

    I am slayed !

  • tansuperman

    I should of waited to get this cause I don’t like the s7e at all

  • Ray

    Finally! Android central doesn’t have any of these news and its biased too. I’m going to try this site now. Definitely getting the g5. For anything besides using a phone as a toy a replaceable battery is a must, plus it has expandable storage. And the g5 is the only phone that actually brings real significant additions features innovation and improvements. I’m done with Galaxy at least for now. Note 5 which is my current phone is such a disappointment

  • Chris

    No. Unimpressed. I have the V10 and the G5 doesn’t boast any major improvements at all. Just wait until the real side by side tests are completed. I mean sure the G5 is going to be a great phone. Just not a significant improvement over the V10 by an means.