February 10, 2010
T-Mobile myTouch 3G 2010

T-Mobile myTouch 3G 2010

T-Mobile has just officially launched a new versions of the myTouch 3G with new hardware and software.  For clarity’s sake, let’s just call it the myTouch 3G 2010 since T-Mobile has decided to muddy the naming waters by using the exact same name – just as it does with its Sidekick line.

So, the myTouch 3G 2010 features a new 3.5mm headphone jack, more RAM (288MB), and ships with an 8GB microSD memory card now.  It also features the Swype text input system, which is a personal favorite of mine.  Check out my video to see how it works.

The new device is available starting today for US$149.99 with a new voice contract and appropriate data plan.

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