T-Mobile LTE network officially launches in seven U.S. cities

by: Brad WardMarch 26, 2013

t-mobile logo Axel Schwenke/Flickr

T-Mobile has officially launched its 4G LTE  network in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vega, Phoenix, San Jose and Washington DC. Customers will be able to enjoy the fast speeds with T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans.

By mid-2013, the carrier plans on having its LTE network available to 100 million customers, and 200 million nationwide by the year’s end. The operator does have quite away to go before catching up to AT&T and Verizon, who has been rolling out their LTE network for a couple of years now.

T-Mobile will, of course, have a little help from its Metro PCS purchase to roll out LTE on the AWS frequencies, in addition to the spectrum the operator gained from the failed AT&T buyout in 2012. Hopefully, in addition to the 4G LTE rollout, T-Mobile will begin upgrading some of the areas where its 2G network is dominant.

  • Finally! Might switch back to T-Mobile if it supports the Nexus 4 LTE bands. Or just might go back if they also have the LTE tweak for the LTE. No need to be on AT&T no more and I’ll save money.